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Idol’s Chris Daughtry Apologizes for “Honest” Comments

January 18, 2008 10:30 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Chris Daughtry Courtesy Brian AppioAmerican Idol, lacking credibility? That’s what former Idol 4th-place rocker, Chris Daughtry hinted at in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

“[American Idol is]in a state of decline and if they don’t do something about it, it’s probably not gonna last too much longer,” he was quoted as saying, promptly positioning himself to some as an ingrate who turned on the show that launched his career.

The result: a sling or two from Idol judge, Randy Jackson, who responded, “[Chris is]a testament to the fact that no matter where you finish on ‘Idol’ â⬔ even if you finish 12th â⬔ if you make a great record and you got that kind of exposure, the public will resoundingly buy it. But the bottom line is there would be no Chris Daughtry if there wasn’t ‘American Idol.’ ”

Whoops! My bad!

Daughtry’s response, on his official blog under the title “I’m…Just Being Honest!”, is an apology for comments that he claims were taken out of context in the interview. “It’s so sad that when you’re asked something and you answer honestly … you’re made out to be the bad guy,” he says in his blog post, and laments that readers didn’t get to see all the good things he said about Idol in the interview.

Daughtry, whose self-titled debut album was one of the biggest sellers of 2006 (with 3.6 million copies sold), was a “nobody” for 11 years, until Idol “discovered” him on season 5. For that, he claims, he is grateful and was just trying to make some suggestions that would “spice the show up a bit.”

American Idol 7 premiered Jan. 15 on FOX.

Photo Courtesy: Brian Appio

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