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Reality Goes All Circus on Us

January 19, 2008 09:40 AM by Jennifer_Brown

nbc-logo-courtesy-nbc-nashville-star1.jpgAs if Hollywood’s not a circus enough as it is, ABC and NBC are both getting in on the action. Roll out the big top, guys, the circus is coming to town.

NBC has announced its plan to air Celebrity Circus, based on an Endemol format that’s been a huge hit in Portugal and Argentina, as part of its All-American Summer lineup.

Celebrity Circus, a competition-based reality show that will have “real” circus performers judging celebs on Cirque du Soleil-style circus stunts, promises to be “just as loud and noisy” as NBC’s winter slam-dunk, American Gladiators.

ABC is hoping that a new Circus of the Stars will catch on the way Dancing with the Stars has, and is in an intense bidding war for the show. Going for Dancing with the Stars-style drama rather than Gladiators-style boisterousness, ABC hopes Circus of the Stars will satisfy both the big top bug and reality fever.

Air dates and times have not yet been announced for either show. Stay tuned to Reality TV Magazine for news and announcements, as they come available.

Photo Credit: NBC

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2 Responses to “Reality Goes All Circus on Us”

  1. tvAddict Says:
    June 9th, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    They have announced the contestants, and it will feature Atonio Sabato Jr., Christopher Knight, Janet Evans, Rachel Hunter, Stacey Dash (love her), Blu Cantrell, and Wee-Man of Jackass fame. People excited about this?

  2. tgcannon Says:
    June 12th, 2008 at 10:25 am

    Saturday Night Live could not do a spoof on this show because it is so bad How can you. No life threating feats. Everyone hooked on to a sefety line and the tricks are so lame why do they need a seafety line. SHUT IT DOWN> this is as bad as THe CHIPS Cop playing a cop with Latoya Jackson and the Midget. Get real. Are there no more writers or thinkers in the World. And who is the Host of this show. Awful.


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