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RTV Predicts…Our Writers’ Takes on Idol, Dance War, and More

January 20, 2008 09:21 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Carrie Ann Inaba Courtesy ABCAdmit it — you’re guilty of wondering what will happen next week on your favorite reality shows. You are a fan, after all. You may even have your own opinions on just what will happen next. Well, so do we!

We’ve asked our writers to give their reality TV predictions for the upcoming week.Idol, Dance Wars, Celebrity Apprentice… — you’re watching them, and we’re watching, too. Here’s what our writers have to say about what will happen next:

Joe on American Idol:

1. Paula Abdul will continue to agree with Randy Jackson on every performance.
2. San Diego will bring out some of the freakiest auditions yet, as contestants show up in a variety of outrageous costumes.
3. Charleston will bring out plenty of country singers that Simon Cowell will hate, but Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul will put through to Hollywood.

Mary on Dance War: Bruno vs.Carrie Ann:

Carrie Ann Inaba will wear a longer dress this week. Mary says,”Carrie Ann Inaba’s dresses couldn’t possibly get any shorter. She could barely sit down on Monday! Carrie Ann kept tugging on her glittery mini dress whenever she sat down.There was no way she could have worn ‘thigh-high’ hosiery under that cute little black number she was wearing. She cannot go shorter at all.”

Jen on Amazing Race:

The pace will be frantic, Ron & Chris will lose their foothold, Nic & Gramps will all but drop out at some point, and TK & Rachel will practically waltz across the finish line. (Read my full analysis of the final three here).

Jen on Biggest Loser Couples:

At this point, two teams are playing on borrowed time: Paul & Kelly and Jenn & Maggie. It’s doubtful that either team would survive another plunge below the yellow line, but if they end up there together, I’d say Jenn & Maggie have a better chance than the latter team (people will only fear for Paul’s life for so long before they begin to fear for their own elimination).

That being said, Jackie & Dan are due a slow weight loss week, which Paul & Kelly can only hope for, because if Jackie & Dan fall below the line, they will be O-U-T!

I’ll predict…Bette-Sue & Ali will take the top spot in the weigh-in and earn the “Biggest Loser Team of the Week” title. Paul & Kelly will be out (Bob will smile and say, “That’s such a shame. I thought they’d go all the way. Let’s meditate on this.” Jillian will respond with, “Why are you sitting down while you’re telling me this? Get up and get back to work!!!”)

Jen on WifeSwap:

We’re due a filthy mom, aren’t we? Enough of the drill-sergeant mommies, we needa good, old-fashioned dirty mom. I predict a disgusting house in this episode.

Jen on Celebrity Apprentice:

With Gene Simmons gone, Piers’ ego will grow to epic proportions. He will be unable to hold himself back and will insult (in that British way, where people end up thankful for the insult) just about everyone that he can.

Again, this week we’ll see a guy go home, only this time from Team Hydra. The ladies will enjoy their first win and the guys will, unfortunately,lose either Tito or Trace.

The Donald will wear a pink tie this week. And a blue one.

Reality TV Magazine recaps all of these shows, and more. Check back throughout the week to read our writers’ recaps after the shows and see how we did.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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