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TK & Rachel Win Amazing Race 12

January 20, 2008 08:00 PM by Jennifer_Brown

TK & Rachel Courtesy CBSIt’s been 10 cities,four continents, and nearly 30,000 miles since this Race began.The racers havedealt withdonkeys, chickens, and camels.They’ve ridden bicycles, walked on stilts, and run over jagged stones barefoot. And now it’s all down to tonight — the race for the finish line and the $1million prize.

Tonight the teams learn that they are racing to their final destination city — Anchorage, Alaska.Once there, they’ll have to make their way to 6th Avenue Outfitters, grab a bag of gear, and get their next clue.

“Everyone here is strong and smart, but my dad and I are stronger and smarter,” Christina boasts as they head out first.

All three teams score the same flight and already we can tell this is going to be a neck-and-neck race to the finish. Someone’s going to have to either run across a patch of bad luck or make a major mistake to get themselves taken out of the running.

The teams make it to 6th Avenue Outfitters, where the next clue instructs them to travel to Ship Creek Boat Launch for their next clue.

And…what was I saying about bad luck and major mistakes? TK & Rachel have taxi troubles and are dropped off at the wrong place. Nick & Gramps forget their gear and don’t realize it until they get to Ship Creek Boat Launch. They’ll have to backtrack all the way back to 6th Avenue Outfitters, giving TK & Rachel a chance to pull ahead.

The task at Ship Creek Boat Launch is a Detour: Cut the Cod or Grab the Crab. In Cut the Cod, teams will have to fillet several 50-lb. cod, looking for a miniscule cluehidden inside. Grab the Crab has teams hopping into tanks filled with live (clawing, snapping) crabs, in search of one who has Race colors on its leg.

Ron & Chris get lucky; they find the clue in the first cod they cut. TK & Rachel, who choose the crabs, get snapped up. “This is rough, Babe,” TK keeps saying to Rachel. Just as the two are preparing to ditch the task and go for the cod instead, TK finds the Race crab. Don brings his mad fish-cutting skillz to the task and within minutes he and Nick have found the clue.

The clue leads teams to 20-Mile Glacier, where they’ll have to scale the side of a glacier to find their next clue. It’s a tough task — a little scary, a little physically difficult, perhaps, for the female racers — and everyone gets caught up once again.

At the top of the glacier, the teams learn that they’ll next be taking a helicopter ride, off of the glacier and to Merrill Field. From there, they’ll travel to Goose Lake Park, where they’ll find their next clue.

The next clue is their final Roadblock, and, as always on finale night, it’s a toughie. One member of each team must “relive the race,” placing on a stage 10 itemsrepresenting each ofthe various legs of the race. There are tons of restrictions.It’smore puzzlethan task — and all three teams are stumped by it.

After some tedious working and re-working, Rachel comes out first, just before Christina (leaving Nick, still completely at a loss as to how to figure out the Roadblock) officially in the dust. We can safely say bye-bye to Nick & Gramps as winners of this Race.

The teams are then instructed to race to the Captain Cook Statue, where they find their next clue, which leads them to the Salmon Hooker. This fish statue holds their final clue: Race to Girdwood Airport and the Finish Line!

“Oh man, this is intense,” TK keeps repeating, but the closer they get to the finish line, the giddier Rachel seems to get, even though they both know that Ron & Chris are right on their tails.

At Girdwood Airport, we see all our old friends (remember Azaria & Hendekea? Kynt & Vyxsin? Nateifer?), and Phil, applauding as a taxi pulls up to the curb. TK & Rachel pile out of the taxi and run to the finish line, winners of Amazing Race 12.

“I’m really speechless,” TK says, kissing Rachel.

In come Ron & Chris. “This is a dream for me to be in this amazing adventure,” Chris says. Ron adds that he feels like #1 in his heart because he’s #1 to Chris now. “I am a new man,” he says.

Soon they’re joined by Nick & Gramps, who is none-too-thrilled to get across the line in 3rd place. Phil tells Gramps that he’s the oldest racer to ever make it to the finish line. “Did you ever think you’d get here?” Phil asks. “Yeah, but not in 3rd,” Gramps bluntly says. Nick, however, is a little less disappointed. “I got everything I wanted from [the Race] and more,” he says.

Rachel comments on what a great guy TK is and how she liked racing with him. TK finds his voice and adds an apt, “Nice guys can definitely finish first.”

Yes they can, TK! Go, Team Karma!

Photo Courtesy: CBS

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2 Responses to “TK & Rachel Win Amazing Race 12”

  1. andrewN Says:
    January 20th, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    Congrats TK & Rachel! Check out our exclusive video interview with Phil Keoghan about his Top 5 Destinations from all 12 seasons of the Amazing Race:

  2. malou temple Says:
    December 17th, 2010 at 6:41 am

    i really loved TK and Rachel…they are so cool!!!they know how to control themselves ever each one of them has a mistake..they are a good partner and team mate….KEEP IT UP GUYZ…….!!!


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