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American Idol Charleston Auditions Welcome New Baby

January 23, 2008 07:33 PM by Joe Reality

Michelle And Jeffery Lampkin

American Idol 7 visited Charleston, South Carolina, which host Ryan Seacrest pointed out was recently named the friendliest city in America. Over ten thousand contestants from all over the country showed up to audition. However, Oliver Highman, the first contestant in line, had to leave because his wife went into labor.

The Charleston episode started with two very enthusiastic auditions. Twenty-seven year old Raysharde Henderson from Atlanta, Georgia told the judges that people said he sounded like Clay Aiken from American Idol 2. Raysharde kicked things off with “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Even though Simon Cowell said Raysharde did remind him of Clay Aiken, the judges did not put him through to Hollywood.

Next up was twenty-six year old DeAnna Prevatte from Albermale, North Carolina. DeAnna sang “Fancy.” Simon Cowell called DeAnna “a little tiger,” but he said no to her going to the next round. Randy and Paula agreed and also said no to DeAnna.

Twenty-seven year old Randy Stark and twenty-six year old Crystal Ortiz sang “She’s More.” Randy’s claim to fame was that he often provided people with audition advice on the American Idol message board. However, Simon Cowell called the couples’ audition, “a horrible audition.”

The next couple, which consisted of a brother and sister, faired much better. Twenty-six and twenty-four year old Michelle & Jeffery Lampkin from Fort Mill & Newberry, South Carolina sang “I’m Your Angel.” Even though Randy Jackson said yes to Jeffery but no to Michelle, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul put both brother and sister through to Hollywood.

Sixteen year old Amy Flynn from Knoxville, Tennessee told the judges she was a member of STARS Program (Students Teaching And Respecting Sexuality). After giving Simon Cowell some words of advice, Amy sang “Reflections.” Even though Simon Cowell said a lot of people were going to find her annoying, all three judges agreed to put Amy through to Hollywood. Also getting a yes to Hollywood was twenty-four year old London Weidberg from Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. She sang “Good Morning Heartache.”

After Amy and London, things quickly went downhill. Twenty-eight year old Lyndsey Goodman, twenty-two year old Aretha Codner, and twenty year old Joshua Boson all met with rejection from the judges. After being told no by Simon Cowell, Joshua accused the show of being faked and rigged.

To close out the show, twenty-seven year old Oliver Highman from Cornelius, North Carolina returned with his new baby girl to get his chance in front of the judges. Oliver sang “Get Here.” Simon Cowell called Oliver’s audition “corny, old-fashioned, and not very good.” Even though the judges didn’t put Oliver through to Hollywood, he called in his wife to show off his new baby “Emma Grace.”

Photo Credit: Reality TV Magazine

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One Response to “American Idol Charleston Auditions Welcome New Baby”

  1. oldsouls2 Says:
    January 23rd, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    Thought it was an interesting show — and you could see that they didn’t care about talent but good TV. Lyndsey Goodman definitely should have made it through.

    Check out her my space page with ID of lyndseyc17
    It has her story and behind the scenes of what you don’t see from the editing. Black Velvet wasn’t even her original song – of course you never see that or that they asked her to do a second song.


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