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Project Runway: I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

January 23, 2008 10:33 PM by DA Southern

Runway Designer Rami Photo by Barbara NtkeThe recap of the avant garde design challenge from the last episode was quickly flashed before our eyes as we saw Kit get the boot and our over confident designer, Christian, get immunity for this week by winning the challenge.

The apartment dwellers were extremely groggy as they prepared for the new day and the new challenge. Sweet P seemed particularly on edge when Victorya called her Kit by mistake and Ricky lamented that he was not ready to go home and knew he had to impress the judges, especially since he has been at the bottom so many times.

Heidi greeted the designers with her usual perkiness and first called out the models, the losers from the last challenge, Lisa and Marie. Christian kept Lisa sending Marie “auwt” by Heidi with an Auf-Veener-Snitzel send-off from the leggy host. Heidi immediately turned her sights to the designers to see if they were ready for their next challenge, which I really don’t think they were. Heidi told them to go to see Tim for their next challenge, which usually meant something they were not going to be excited about. The designers meet Tim and he told them they were going on a field trip. Rami said that it would either be tragic like having to turn garbage into a wedding dress or be fantastic.

The van pulled up to a warehouse by a pier and Tim introduced Carolyn Calvin from Levi Jeans who would tell the designers about the challenge. The warehouse door opened and the designers saw hundreds of hanging 501 Levi jeans of all colors and sizes. Carolyn announced that they were to create an iconic denim look with the various denim components and Tim said that they would have until midnight to finish their designs. Tim gave them the “ready, set, go” and the designers were off to grab what they could for their designs.

Back at Parsons, the designers sketched and then tore into the jeans to make some sort of jean product that would capture the spirit of Levi and, more importantly, impress the judges. Jillian and Victorya were both doing a jean jacket, with Jillian’s leaning towards more of a futuristic look. I guess it will go with her futuristic coat that she and Victorya made last week. Ricky was going for a fitted, edgy looking dress as was Rami. Christian was actually going to make jeans and Chris was off talking to himself and to his design and Sweet P was working the wedding dress angle.

Christian said that his inspiration was from a Levi “Look Book” and it inspired him to do a Trucker Jacket, because he really liked the name. Let’s hope Christian doesn’t actually try to fit a trucker with his design because it could be trouble. Chris was talking to his design and asked Jillian if it bothered her that he was talking to his design. Jillian said, “Yes, a little,” which caused Chris to say, “too bad, shut up.” Christian, full of witticisms this episode, said that Chris was “talking to himself like a crack head.”

Tim Gunn was in to check on the designer’s progress with about two hours left for them to complete their designs. Tim’s first victim was Ricky and found his design “stunning”. Next to Chris. Tim seemed concerned with the way the design was going and told him to “carry on”. Jillian, with her usual deer-in-the-headlight-look, was Tim’s next prey and Tim was not pleased as to her progress. He said that she had a “way to go” and needed to get going. Tim saw Rami’s design and said that it would blow the judges away with the creative flair it had with the zipper as an accent design. Tim’s message for Victorya was that her design was very patch work looking and that she needed to “make it look right”. Finally, Tim was seen consulting with Sweet P and all he could say was, “um-uhh,” and called it a “happy hands at home granny circle” design. I have no idea what that means but it definitely sounds freaky.

The Day of the Runway Show the designers were seen looking exhausted by the challenge and the work they all had to do for the show. As they left the apartment, Christian was heard saying that he was glad he had immunity which had Ricky telling him how lucky he was…but not in a nice way.

The designers rushed into the design room and Tim said they had one hour to get ready for the show. The naked models rushed around as the designers form fitted their designs to them and Tim rushed them around to get them to the Runway.

Heidi greeted the designers and told them that they were to have created an iconic denim look and introduced the usual suspects, judges Kors, Garcia and guest judge Carolyn Calvin from Levi Jeans and that from here on out there will be no more immunity.

The jean looks came in the from of a not so good dress from Chris, a brilliant dress from Ricky, his best work yet, a very cool looking dress from Sweet P, a surprisingly bland coat from Victorya, an edgy jean skirt from Rami and the only jean/coat combo from Christian and, finally, an ill-fitting coat from Jillian.

The judges talked to all of the designers about their designs and liked Christian’s, Rami’s, Ricky’s and Sweet P’s designs the best and obviously were not so hot on Jillian, Chris and Victorya’s design.

The judges had their usual confab and really did not change their mind as to who they liked and who they hated. The only real mystery that we were all dying to know; who was going to be “een” and who was going to be “auwt”.

The designers came back and Heidi told Rami that he was in and then announced that Ricky was the winner, which totally shocked him as well as us viewers because I thought they were leaning towards Sweet P’s design. Heidi told Sweet P and Christian they were safe as well as was Chris, who dodged the bullet I think, leaving Victorya and Jillian, both who had coat designs.

Heidi told Jillian that her design was confused looking and that Victorya’s design was dull and uninspired. Wow, Heidi, ease up girl! Heidi then turned to Jillian and said, “Jillian, you are “een”, you can leave the Runway. Victorya, you are “auwt”. Auf Viedersehn.”

Victorya seemed almost relieved because she did not really show any emotion but did say that she thought that she would have a great career in fashion and she probably will.

RealityTVMagazine.com is your home for Project Runway as we approach the winner of Season 4 and we are determined to give you all of the “eens” and the “auwts” of this great season.

Photo Courtesy of Bravo TV

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