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Celebrity Apprentice: “Jennie…For my purpose, you’re fired!”

January 24, 2008 10:11 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Jennie-Finch-Courtesy-NBCNow that Gene Simmons is gone, who will make all the obnoxious, rude, ego-driven remarks? It’s a challenge, I’m sure, but I have a feeling we’ll find someone who’s up to it.

Jennie and Carol come back from the board room where everyone’s giddily awaiting the news. “Maybe Donald Trump doesn’t like me, but Gene Simmons does,” Nely says, acknowledging that Gene took a bullet for her. Personally, Piers is darn glad that Gene is gone, because he wants to win (plus, with Gene gone, Piers has a lock on the title “grating celeb with a huge inflated head”).

Tito, while working hard on Celebrity Apprentice, is also finding time to hit it in the gym, and that’s where his charity representatives find him. He hands over a $20,000 check to Elizabeth, a 9-year old girl with Brittle Bone Disease there to represent St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

The Donald (pink tie) wastes no time in gathering the teams to introduce them to his “eyes and ears” — Vince McMahon and Ivanka — and then tells the teams that they’ll be selling Broadway tickets for this week’s challenge.

Right away the teams choose their Project Managers — Marilou for Empresario (she’s got the Broadway chops, having appeared on Broadway six times), and Vinny for Hydra (who’s also got Broadway experience). “This is so up my alley,” Marilou brags, and I have to admit, it sure looks good for the girls this week.

Especially once the guys get to work, right away clashing as Stephen wants to bulldoze his way into the take-charge position, but Piers smacking him down. A snarky fight ensues, with Stephen giving Piers a new nickname: Boomer (for Boomerang, as Stephen believes that all of Piers’ nasty insult-slinging will eventually come back to smack him in the face). “I’m not going to be the bouncer in this thing,” Trace says, letting the two get it out of their systems (okay, for the record, I’m pretty sure that Stephen could take Piers…yet I’m pretty sure Omarosa could take Stephen…).

Next it’s “negotiation time,” as The Donald has given the teams eight shows to choose from and they must negotiate their fave four out of the other team. Vinny’s negotiation skills are like something you’d expect to see out of The Sopranos, and it ticks Omarosa off. “Negotiating was like playing Monopoly with a 3-year old,” she complains. “This is going to be fun beating you,” she snipes at their backs as they leave.

Things continue to look good for the ladies. Marilou calls on all of her Broadway connections, scoring merchandising, volunteers, and…David Hyde Pierce (Dr. Niles Crane from Frasier). She also has Nely’s black book, which she claims rivals Gene Simmons’ (and it probably isn’t filled out in hot pink lipstick, either).

But hey, the guys have got Stephen Baldwin with a bullhorn and Piers Morgan in a knight’s costume. “I think [Ivanka] found me oddly attractive in that chain mail,” he says. Between marveling at how “bloody rude” New Yorkers can be and flirting with Ivanka, Piers calls in a favor with an old English bloke at Virgin, who sends down $10,000 at the very last minute of the task.

Nely’s not so lucky. One of her connections doesn’t make it in time, costing her a couple thousand that will become really important in the board room later.

Vinny doesn’t look nearly as confident as Marilou when they get into the board room. Marilou is convinced that Empresario finally won their first task.

She’s wrong.

Team Empresario raised $31,757…Team Hydra: $33,300 (remember that couple grand that didn’t get in on time for Nely? Yeah. That stings.).

Marilou says she believes Empresario is over-matched in “star power, size, and black book.” Omarosa disagrees. She thinks the problem is “weak link,” Carol. Carol has a few things to say about that, calling Omarosa “a cancer,” and snarling, “This is our group and she’s eating it up from the inside out.” But Marilou agrees with Omarosa and brings back adorable and sweet, but meek Jennie, and tough but backgroundish Carol. “I can afford to lose one of these two,” she says.

There’s really no big drama in the board room. Jennie admits that the “harsh, nasty environment” is tough for her to take (ahem…psst! Omarosa, I think she’s talking about you). The Donald (still pink tie) agrees that it’s not the right environment for Jennie. “Jennie, for my purpose, you’re fired. It’s just not your world,” he says.

In the taxi, a deflated Jennie is sad to be leaving Celebrity Apprentice, and doesn’t agree that she should have been the one sent home. “I look forward to getting back on the playing field,” she says.

Next on Celebrity Apprentice:

The Soprano hits the fan, as Vinny loses the guys’ trust.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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