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Make Me a Supermodel: Chemistry

January 24, 2008 10:03 PM by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelLast week, supermodel wannabes Ben, Katy, and Dominic were up for the vote. Dominic was angry, but Katy got to the heart of the matter. “It’s Make Me a Supermodel, not I am a supermodel,” she grouses while packing. Suitcases ready, the trio say tearful goodbyes and head out to the catwalk to hear the verdict. America has chosen, and Dominic is going home. Characteristically, he blames everyone but himself. “I was given faulty coaching,” he whines. “Just give some shoes, maybe, that fit.”

With the complaint department on his way out, the models are given a fresh assignment: chemistry. It’s time to see how well they can work with each other.

Frankie doesn’t hide his feelings. “What I feel is that a lot of people in this house are backstabbers,” he says with a flip of his hair. “I’m sick of all these people. We need to have two eliminations at a time.” Way to be a team player, Frankie!

The girls all think Frankie has too much to say. “He thinks he’s God’s gift to women,” Katy says. “But he’s not.” They call him Fabio behind his back.

Now the models are sent off to a casting call and the photo shoot. It’s a steamy hotel scene shot by Deanna Scheunnamen, who is famed in Europe for her intimate shots. The models are paired up and sent to styling. Poor Holly ends up with Frankie; Casey and Perry are put together as are superstar Jacki and Stephanie. Can the contestants put their personal lives aside and turn up the heat for the camera?

First up are Katy and Ben. You’d never know he was a married man, and they have a great time. Katy is starting to lose some of her girl-next-door look and we see a new side of her. Jay and Aryn are next, and photographer Deanna notes that they struggle with posing. Jay is too passive – a complaint we’ve heard before.

Stephanie and Jacki rock the shoot, letting loose and getting some great shots. Holly and Frankie aren’t so lucky. “My fiancÃe and I are saving ourselves,” Holly reveals. “And now, to have to share that,with Frankie!” Their shoot is awkward, and Deanna ranks it at the bottom of the pile. Casey and Perry fare better, uninhibited and relaxed. Finally, Ronnie and Shannon do an awesome job. Deanna puts their photos at the top of the list.

The models return to their apartment, and a heated dispute breaks out between Frankie and Holly. He accuses her of being drunk during the shoot, and she breaks down in tears. “He is such a trash talker,” Holly cries. She isn’t sad for long – everyone soon heads off to the gym.

Trainer Clay Burnell is tough. “You must stay in perfect shape,” he barks. “Every day! Every minute!” He puts the models through the paces, getting into the men’s faces like they are at boot camp. Physically exhausted, the models return home to find they are allowed to make a personal phone call.

Ben calls his wife April, who is missing her man. “She really misses me. I’m here having this amazing time,” he pauses. “It really puts it into perspective.” Aryn dreads talking to boyfriend Landon. She starts crying almost as soon as she picks up the phone. “I want to marry you so bad!” he tells her, but Aryn isn’t ready to commit. She snuggles with Ronnie for comfort. You’re not trying to make Ben jealous, now, are you Ronnie?

Time for the catwalk. Niki instructs the models to keep the heat going. “Think big. Take chances.” She uncovers a tray of fetish instruments, whips, and crops. “Outshine the other couples.”

The photos were steamy, and the catwalk is electric. Ronnie hams it up, prancing like a horse until Shannon whips him back into line. Stephanie and Jacki share a kiss. Perry and Casey have amazing energy, but Holly and Frankie turn in a lackluster performance.

Perry rules the day, crowned the winner. Shannon is told she is “once again, a top performer.” Ronnie was hot, and Casey managed to redeem himself and surprise the judges.

Judges Cory Bautista and Jennifer Starr help Niki and Tyson narrow it down to the bottom four, the same ones the photographer pegged as problems: Aryn, Jay, Holly and Frankie.

“Holly, you couldn’t put your personal situation aside, and you brought Frankie down with you.” The judges are harsh, and Frankie is safe for another week. Now it’s time for us to decide. Who do you like best, good girl and photogenic Holly? Jay, who still hasn’t found his inner, expressive model? Or Aryn, unsure of what the future holds? Vote for your favorite at www.bravotv.com by Friday at 4 AM Eastern.

Photo Courtesy Bravo TV

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