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Celebrity Apprentice; Vinny Pastore, Don’t Stop…

January 31, 2008 11:30 PM by DA Southern

Vincent Pastore of Celebrity Apprentice Courtesy of NBCIn the recap of last week’s episode, we saw softball star Jennie Finch become the fourth celebrity fired by Donald Trump when the women lost the Broadway ticket booth challenge. The win showcased another victory of the dominant men’s team, even with the squabbling between Piers and Vinny, and the inability of the women to work as a team and to master a victory in the challenge. This week, the women desperately looked to relinquish the men’s stranglehold and to finally be the ones watching as the men squirmed in front of “The Donald” to keep their hopes alive to be the last celebrity standing.

As the remaining candidates watched the boardroom, the consensus was that Carol should go and Jennie should stay with Omarosa taking a very firm stance for Carol being fired. However, when Carol showed back up, Omarosa was the first to hug her saying, “Oh well, everybody has to go in this process, just as long as it’s not me.” Nice!

Vinny Pastore was talking to his ex-wife, Nancy Berke, at a typical cafe straight out of the Sopranos. Berke was married to a friend of Vinny’s who passed away from pancreatic cancer and ran a charity in his honor. Vinny presented her with a check for $50,000 that he won during the last challenge.

The celebrities strutted to meet Donald for the next challenge at Macy’s department store and Trump told the teams that the men were going to go on without Tito as he was off fighting someone. Trump told the girls that this was a last chance before they would have to have aid given to them, which had Omarosa scowling at the men, and Trump wanted Carol Alt to be the team leader and the men picked Piers Morgan as theirs.

Trump let the Crocs executives tell the teams that they would be producing an awareness campaign for Crocs and to make an in-store campaign to collect old Crocs for impoverished children.

The ladies of Empresario, lead by Alt, immediately started to brainstorm and wanted to center on hope. Carol was insistent on rallying the ladies because she knew that she would have to take a bullet if she failed. The men were extremely confident as they entered their team area and Piers jump-started his team into action. Trace Adkins had a slogan immediately with, “Wear Them, Share Them” and Steven saw the girls lurking outside their room. Piers decided to stage a fight with Vinny to have him be a spy for the team. Vinny went to the girls and told them he wanted to work for them, and they voted and accepted him into the fold, making Vinny a rat. Yes, art does indeed imitate life.

Vinny jumped right into working with the girls and got them to consider their branding awareness. They came up with, “Souls United, Share the Love” and Vinny was very busy taking notes as an informer. The girls loved Vinnie’s input, and though he contributed to the team.

Hydra was struggling with the nuts and bolts of their concept and seemed to be snipping with each other as the time was getting critical for the presentation basics to be put together. Steven Baldwin was on his phone when Vinnie passed info to him, and he refused to pick it up saying that he would not be a part of cheating and watched as Lennox Lewis finally picked it up.

Vinny started to have real misgivings about being a rat for the men, and as he drove with Marilu Henner, he told her what had transpired with Piers. Henner was shocked as she heard his story and didn’t quite know how to handle it all, or if he was even telling the truth.

Ivanka Trump made a stop to visit the men to check their progress and Piers told her about the Vinny escapade, which she didn’t seem to mind. Ivanka even had trouble with Empresario not seeing through the ruse. Trace and Lennox were off to the manufacturer of the concept design as Donald Jr. made a stop to check up on the women’s progress. He was shocked to see Vinny with the women and Vinny assured him that he was now officially on the girls’ team and wanted to see Piers lose. Over at Hydra, we saw them struggling on a massive level with their project and Trace and Lennox were having second thoughts about the Vinny situation.

Empresario was shooting Carol Alt for their display and ad campaign as we see Carol in her supermodel element during the photo shoot. Piers and Steven showed up and could not help themselves by telling them that they knew what their campaign was all about. Carol then figured that Vinny was a rat and was chastised by Steven for being so juvenile and setting Vinny up for a fall.

Vinny told Marilu to keep playing the game and worked with Marilu to get the task done. Omarosa was now incensed and called Vinny to give him a chance to right the situation and said, “Vinny…You’re Fired!” Vinny tried to plead his case to Marilu but she didn’t really want him on the team, which had Vinny feeling abandoned and now wanted Piers gone.

On the day of the Crocs display and campaign, the ladies display was quite remarkable with a huge Crocs receptacle and the guys receptacle box was rather boring, but seemed to have an impressive campaign. Piers and Vinny had an incredible war of words and Piers actually asked him to leave the challenge.

Donald Trump met with Vinny and Vinny laid out the scenario to Trump and told him to hash it out in the board room. The ladies were first to show the Crocs executives, and it was very awe-inspiring, and you could see it in the executives’ eyes. The guys then presented and it, too, was very remarkable, but more sterile than the ladies. It all came down to what the executives wanted, and they were more impressed with the softness of the women’s approach.

The Board Room was not a pretty scene as the whole Vinny affair played out before Donald Trump. Vinny and Piers continued to spar and as Vinny spilled the whole affair, he truly became the odd man out. Vinny finally asked to resign from the show and Trump was not excited about him quitting. As the words continued to fly, Vinny then rescinded his resignation, which Trump was not inclined to do. Trump then got down to announcing that the women won the challenge and sent them out so he could deal with the men. After the women left, Trump tried to ferret out the real intentions of the men’s actions and decided to not allow Vinny to rescind the resignation. Donald told Vinny that he was not fired, but shook his hand to allow him to leave with dignity.

As Vinny Pastore left, we were treated to the music of the band, Journey, that was used in the final episode of that show and as Vinny left the building, several shady looking characters were seen outside the building as Vinny left and the music reached a crescendo and abruptly ended with, “Don’t Stop…” as the screen went black, paying homage to the Sopranos final episode.

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Photo Courtesy of NBC

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One Response to “Celebrity Apprentice; Vinny Pastore, Don’t Stop…”

  1. prestin Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    Give me a break … first Gene Simmons self destructs with an awful cry-baby routine . Obviously not someone used to having a real job and real criticism . And now we get another one . What really blew me away is that this guy really thinks he’s a wise guy ! Come on , let’s act like professional people please and not make fools of ourselves on national t.v.

    But i really like this new series . Ruthless characters . Trump could easily make another season but I don’t know what the ratings are . If he can keep finding these cut-throat celebrities , i will watch for sure .


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