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Make Me A Supermodel: Body Art

January 31, 2008 10:08 PM by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A Supermodel

The supermodels-in-training are back this week, and it’s time to find out who America does not want to see on the catwalk. The safe models are all back at the pad, and most seem to want Holly gone. They know competition when they see it, and it would be better to have Holly out now. Jacki snipes at Ben because he is friends with Aryn, and but he doesn’t take her flak. “Ooh, testy now!” she spits back at him.

Sorry, Aryn, we cannot make you a Supermodel! At least she is returning to a supportive boyfriend. Too bad we won’t find out if she sticks with him!

Holly and Jay are safe for this week, but their homecoming is marred by the divisive talk and hypocritical attitudes. “There’s so much fakeness in this house,” Ben says.

This is going to be a challenging week for the shy, modest ones (hello, Holly!). It’s Body Art time, and the models have a series of assignments to use their body as, well, art.

The Training Assignment is revealing, to say the least. First up: Nude Modeling.

The models will have to pose naked for ten minutes, holding their pose and keeping movements to a minimum.

Holly’s so nervous she can’t even talk. She has good concentration, though, and holds her pose. Frankie is in his element, shucking his bathrobe before he even gets to the platform. Shannon and Ben fly through their time. Jay has some trouble holding a pose, and Casey has a very difficult time. “He was shaking,” the art instructor notes.

Stephanie and Perry are stand outs. “The highlights of the evening,” the instructor says.

The next challenge is the Photo Assignment. The models will pose as a group, but fitting together as a portrait. The girls and guys will split up, but each group gets to pick one member of the opposite sex as a foil for the picture.

The men discuss briefly, and unanimously choose Shannon. One of the girls suggests Frankie, but Holly instantly dismisses him. “No, no, not Frankie.” Holly, are you still having hard feelings because he accused you of drinking on the job? Well, how about Perry, instead?

There is a caveat. Photographer Russ Flatt can dismiss any model from the shoot at any time, and take the group shot without them.

The costumes are a glamorous flapper style. Shannon really stands out – the era suits her. Something about the men’s shoot isn’t quite right, but the pics are gorgeous as soon as Russ shoos Jay and Casey out of the frame. All of the girls manage to stay in the picture, but, according to Russ, “Katy had a problem focusing.”

On to the next assignment, where the models will use their bodies to become a living sculpture and work together to create a work of art. Artists stand ready to paint them from head to toe in black, gray, and rhinestones. Stephanie is chosen as the leading lady, the centerpiece of the work, after walking in impossibly high heels. Again, Katy seemed unfocused, and Ben looked uncomfortable.

The boys have a chat, bonding together as they compliment each other. “We’re like a fraternity,” one says, and another adds, “Except better looking.”

The final challenge is the catwalk. The models are instructed to use the fashion as sculpture, and strike artful poses on the runway. Stephanie, an art major, is in her element and really wows the judges. Holly’s pose is exquisite, and Shannon, of course, is at the top. “She could do Paris couture right now,” judge Jennifer Starr says.

Frankie, God’s gift to women, is assigned a man-dress on the runway but he totally works it. “I think I made it masculine,” he says and the judges have no complaints. They notice that Katy is distracted again, not quite posing correctly at the end. “Here we are again, week four!” Judge Niki Taylor complains.

The models are brought out, and the top three are Holly, Stephanie, and Shannon. Stephanie is the winner; Jacki, Frankie, and Ronnie are also safe. A big surprise this week is that the judges’ favorite, Jacki, placed squarely in the middle. She didn’t stand out at all this week in any of the challenges.

The bottom four are Ben, Katy, Casey and Jay.

Ben, is safe for tonight! It’s Katy’s third time coming up for the vote. Does she have what it takes? Now it’s time for us to choose who we want to be a supermodel. Go to www.bravotv.com and vote for the contestant you want to stay.

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Photo courtesy Bravo TV

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