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Dance War: Yee-haw! Tony Rides off into the Sunset on Country Week

February 04, 2008 09:38 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Dance-War-Team-Bruno-Courtesy-ABCStill reeling from the loss of Charity on last week’s episode of Dance War, Bruno is hoping that tonight’s country theme will be a gimmee for Team Bruno, which boasts three out of five members who hail from the South. Plus, it’s Zack’s birthday today, so what could go wrong?

Yet Carrie Ann is riding high on last week’s win. We get a backstage pass into Team Carrie Ann’s celebration, which includes a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’, not to mention a good old fashioned mechanical bull ride to kick off Country Week.

But has the win gone to the team’s head? Rehearsals this week are lackadaisical, and the performers seem to have a hard time focusing. On top of that, it looks like we’ve got a budding romance on our hands, between Qis and Mariel. Carrie Ann has her eyes on the big prize, though, and calls the team out on the carpet, forcing them to focus and leave the goo-goo eyes off the dance floor.

It seems to work. Team Carrie Ann comes out strong, with an iconic performance of The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Okay, not too taxing vocal-wise, but who cares? They’ve got Qis up front in a pair of leather pants and a suede vest with no shirt on underneath (hoo-doggies, I could look at that all day long!). It’s a super-strong performance; Carrie Ann says Qis stands out, but Mariel still looks too small. Bruno says that Chris was not on top form tonight, and that he always looks like he’s “chasing the choreography.”

So what can Team Bruno do? Down one member, and Bruno feeling responsible for the loss, the team is hurting. But they’re strong on country in this group, so they should be naturals at this, right? They come out with Life is a Highway, dedicated to eliminated performer Charity, with Phillip up front playing the guitar. It’s an energetic performance, but not particularly strong on dance, which is a shame because the vocals really weren’t there either. Ever-loyal Bruno, however, believes that Phillip has grown as a performer and this routine showed him off. Carrie Ann thought the “performance was fantastic,” but the vocals weren’t so hot.

Before we move on to the second performances of the night, we get two special treats. First, we meet sexy Londoner, Matt Grant, otherwise known as this season’s Bachelor. Matt calls the decision-making on the Bachelor “ridiculously hard,” but is tight-lipped about details, only to promise that the new season will have “25 smokin’ women!” Our second treat is a performance by country star Taylor Swift, who sings her hit Our Song, and gives some pats on the backs of tonight’s performers.

Team Carrie Ann delivers a “contemporary spin” on country music in the second performance, with Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree. Elizabeth steals the show with her sexy song and dance (but don’t think I didn’t notice Qis bare-chested under his suit coat,yee-haw!!!). Carrie Ann thinks the team nailed it, but Bruno wants to know where the dancing was. He calls the performance a fashion show and thinks the team took the easy way out.

And then Team Bruno blows us away with a hot rendition of These Boots are Made for Walkin’, with Kelsey on lead in her little daisy dukes and all sorts of attitude. The vocals are, again, just okay, but the dancing is spot on, especially when they “walk it out” halfway through the song. Bruno calls Kelsey the “surprise of the night,” but Carrie Ann feels they stole “walk it out” from Team Carrie Ann’s last week’s performance.

It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s votes. The winner,again,is Team Carrie Ann. Bruno looks even more shocked this week than last, and calls the decision “shocking,” “unacceptable,” and “ridiculous.” “It’s the unfairest night in television history,” he complains (while, at home, English teachers everywhere call it the “unfairest” use of a non-word such as “unfairest” in television history). Bruno keeps Kelsey, Phillip, and Lacey, forcing Tony and Zack to battle it out. After the one-on-one battle, he chooses to keep Zack (happy birthday, Zack! Bruno got you a second chance!).

There are no tears in Tony’s eyes, as he graciously thanks Bruno for everything he’s taught him and vows that this will be a “stepping stone” in his career.

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