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American Gladiators – Evan and Shanay advance to the finals.

February 05, 2008 12:14 AM by Rich

American Gladiators Logo NBCTonight’s episode was the first Semi-final round! Shanay Novell was paired up with Siene Silva, while Evan Pollard competed against Anthony Abbatemarco for the men. The winners of the competition tonight would advance to the finals.

The women started off with Hit and Run with Siren, Crush, Venom, and Hellga, trying to send them into the water with a hit of the demolition ball. Shanay, in red, was first using a combination of ducking under the demolition balls and crawling under them. Shanay managed to avoid any hits crossing the bridge to score four times during the competition. Siene, in blue, also completed four trips using nearly the same strategy however she did take a hit to the back during her third trip. A glancing blow did not come close to putting her into the drink.

Powerball was the first challenge for the men tonight. Facing Toa, Militia, and Titan, the two competitors gave them a good fight and a good game. When the whistle sounded the speed Evan showed in his first competition was very evident. Racing past the gladiators, and being blocked and knocked down only a few times, he quickly took the lead. Anthony showed a few good moves to get past the gladiators. He was tackled hard and suffered a slight injury to his knee, which he shrugged off and kept going in the competition. As time nearly ran out, both competitors started taking jump shots at the canisters to no avail. When time ran out they both scored six points.

Siren took to the ring in Hang Tough to keep the women from successfully getting across the course to the opposite platform. Siene was first to try her luck swinging out onto the rings. Siren wasted no time in coming right at her, wrapping her up, and taking her for a ride into the water below. Shanay did not fare much better as she tried her best to avoid Siren, to no avail. Attempting to swing around Siren, she ended up with the gladiator sitting on her shoulders in a rather unique move. After several seconds she went for a short fall into a wet place with Siren still sitting on her shoulders. Wolf faced off with the men next in Hang Tough. Evan took his chances first and seemed to lose his momentum early on. Avoiding Wolf he made a move away only to change direction suddenly getting past the gladiator and to the opposite platform to score ten points, but only just ahead of Wolf. Anthony tried his luck against Wolf managing to avoid the gladiator the first time. Both Wolf and Anthony seemed to lose momentum, hanging on to a single ring, which allowed the competitor to wait out the clock earning five points.

Siren, Crush, Venom, and Hellga, line up in Gauntlet to keep the women from getting through the course. Siene faced off first and when the whistle sounded went right at the gladiators. Taking a decent hit she managed to get past the Siren, moving quickly past Crush, but having a bit more trouble with Venom. Getting past the third gladiator she had to get past Hellga. Hellga managed to get her knocked to the mat and leaned on her to make escape more difficult. Siene scrambled on and through the wall to score ten points in this competition. Shanay went after the gladiators with the same gusto as Siene, quickly moving past Siren and Crush. She had a bit more trouble getting past Venom, and Hellga, but with a few seconds to spare she managed to get through the wall adding ten points to her score.

The men took pugil sticks in hand against Titan in Joust. Evan was first up against the gladiator in this event. Putting up as good a fight as possible with Titan pummeling him with the pugil sticks, Evan held on for quite awhile. Getting in a couple of good hits of his own he soon found himself going for a drop into the water when Titan landed a solid hit throwing him off balance. Anthony fared only a little better against Titan, also putting up a good fight but soon found himself following Evan into the water. The women also took to the platform, with Crush issuing a good beat down on both women. Shanay faced her first and took a long series of hard hits, never really getting a good offense going. Knocked to her knees on two occasions, Shanay was able to wait out the timer and score five points. Siene also took a good drubbing from the gladiator managing to keep her balance, but not able to put up a good offense either. Knocked to her knees, Siene leaned forward to try to get back up with her hands on the gladiator’s platform which was an instant disqualification by the referee.

Evan was paired with Wolf and Anthony paired with Toa for the Wall. Evan’s speed and agility showed quickly as the whistle sounded for both men to start. In the seven second head start, Evan got half-way up the wall before Wolf could start his pursuit. Anthony did not get up as far but managed a decent lead. Wolf didn’t have a chance as Evan was first to get to the top before the gladiator could get close enough to even try to pull him off. Evan added another ten points to his score for getting to the top first. Toa got a bit closer to Anthony, but not close enough, as the competitor also got to the top of the wall for five points. The women were next to the Wall as their final event where Shanay faced Venom while Siene was paired with Siren. The women did not maximize their head start as the gladiators caught up to them fairly quickly. Venom caught up to Shanay approximately half-way up the wall latching on to her and pulling her off the wall quickly. Siene got a bit further up the wall before Siren caught up with her was well, and she went for a fall into the water to join Shanay at the bottom.

The final event for the men was Pyramid where Justice and Mayhem wanted to keep Evan and Anthony from getting to the top. Evan went up the pyramid against Justice where he tried to find a way past the gladiator while staying out of reach. Anthony charged right up the pyramid, being dragged to the bottom on two occasions by Mayhem. He did manage to get into the scoring zone but not to the top, earning five points as Mayhem took him to the bottom again. Evan found an opening getting past Justice to the scoring zone. Nearly getting to the top, Justice got a hand on his foot and down the pyramid he went earning only five points as well.

The Eliminator decided who would progress to the Finals. Shanay and Siene were first into the course, Shanay having a two and one-half second head start. Both women got over the wall, under the fire, and hit the cargo net neck to neck. Shanay got to the top of the net first and onto the barrel roll before Siene got to the top. The hand bike was a challenge as Shanay fell into the pit and had to climb out. She managed to get out of the pit, over the balance beam and a start up the pyramid before Siene could get across the hand bike. Shanay slid down the zip line, took the travelator on her first try, and finished the course with a time of one minute, fifty-one seconds.

Anthony and Evan were next, with Evan having a five second head start. Both men got up the wall, swam under the fire, and ended up at the cargo net at the same time. Evan’s speed was a big factor as he got up the net, down the barrel roll, finished the hand bike, and was going over the balance beam before Anthony got to the top of the cargo net. Climbing the pyramid, traversing the zip line, and up the travelator on his first attempt, Evan finished the course in one minute, twenty-three seconds to advance to the Finals.

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