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American Idol Atlanta Auditions Bring Out The Talent

February 05, 2008 07:53 PM by Joe Reality

Josiah Leming American Idol

The American Idol judges made their third trip to Atlanta as part of the American Idol 7 auditions. Atlanta was the audition city for previous American Idol standouts Clay Aiken, Fantasia Barrino, and Jennifer Hudson. Once again Atlanta proved to be a city with talent, revealing some of the best and most original auditions so far for American Idol 7.

First up was twenty-six year old Josh Jones, whose background segment focused on his love of working with glass. Josh sang “Don’t Stop Me Now,” but his weird eye movements freaked out Simon Cowell. Josh seemed unable to control his eyes, so the judges had him turn around and sing with his back to them. Even though Simon Cowell said it was karaoke, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul put Josh through to Hollywood.

JP Tjelemand, who was audition buddies with Carrie Underwood three years ago, dreamed of following in Carrie’s footsteps. However, Simon Cowell said his pen had more charisma than JP. Needless to say, JP didn’t get a ticket to Hollywood.

Asia’h Epperson’s dad died in a car accident just days before her audition. In memory of her father, Asia’h sang “How Do I Live.” It would have been heartbreaking if she couldn’t sing well, but fortunately, she proved to have one of the best and most original voices in the competition so far. All three judges were unanimous in sending Asia’h to Hollywood.

Eighteen year old Brooke Helvie, who is Miss South Florida Fair, wanted to prove that pageant girls can sing. She impressed the judges enough to get a ticket to Hollywood. After getting the good news, Brooke gave all the judges a hug. After Brooke left, Simon Cowell called her possibly the most annoying person he had ever seen in his life.

Twenty-six year old Eva Miller fell down during her audition. Simon Cowell asked Eva if her audition was a joke, and Eva said she was serious, didn’t mean to fall, and loved Simon Cowell. Even though Eva got a hug from Simon Cowell, she didn’t make it through to Hollywood.

Sixteen year old Alexandrea Lushinton from Douglasville, Georgia impressed the judges and easily made it through to Hollywood. She proved to be one of the best younger singers in the competition so far.

Sixteen year old Nathan Hite revealed he was a ninth grade repeater and then did a dead-on impression of an angry, rejected American Idol contestant. Simon Cowell called Nathan’s audition a bedroom audition. Cowell explained that abedroom audition sounded like someone singing along to a record in their bedroom. Nathan smarted off to Simon Cowell, and he did not get a ticket to Hollywood.

Amanda Overmyer’s background segment revealed that she was a nursewho rode a motorcycle. Amanda sang a Janis Joplin song. The rock n’ roll nurse impressed the judges and received a ticket to Hollywood. After she left the audition room, Paula Abdul called Amanda, “the female Chris Daughtry.”

The last audition of the night proved to me one of the most unique and original auditions of the competition so far. Josiah Leming was living in his car at the time of the auditions. The eighteen year old from Morristown, Tennessee sang his original song “To Run” with a British accent. The judges unanimously put Josiah through to Hollywood.

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