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Millionaire Matchmaker: Patrick and Lonnie

February 05, 2008 10:07 PM by DA Southern

Patti Stanger Millionaire Matchmaker Courtesy of BravoTV We see Patti quickly immersed in the nitty-gritty in her Millionaire club by interviewing the various girls that would be potential mates for her men. As Patti lays out the rules to the potential mates, she hammers one rule especially hard; that no woman is supposed to ever ask for any financial enumeration.

Patti hammers her staff and is telling them that they need to be better at finding the singles she needs for the millionaires in the club and how to zero in on the girls for the men. She explains that her business is a commission business, and that she needs 6 to 10 millionaires a month in order to sleep at night…in a professional sense.

Patti explains that she, herself, has been in a three year relationship, and that she is having a hard time getting the man to commit, and that it is something that seems to affect men in LA especially. Chelsea then goes about explaining about the two millionaires that will become this week’s focus, Patrick and Lonnie. Patrick is all about money and would be willing to up the price for a great match. Lonnie is more of a charmer and a player who has a lot of one-date wonders.

Patti’s first meeting was with Lonnie, the player, who is a business partner to Ashton Kutcher and is well connected, so Patti knows that she has to wow him. Lonnie explains that he is originally from New York, and that he owns a bunch of clubs in and around Hollywood. Lonnie explains how hard it is for him to meet girls who are not out for his money, and he doubts Patti’s ability to find him a match.

Patti gets down and dirty with him fairly quickly by asking what kind of girl he was interested in and Lonnie was quick with his interest in enhanced female body parts and someone who is fairly aggressive. Lonnie and Patti definitely had different ideas of what he needed as Lonnie was more interested in a very young girl and Patti seemed to believe that a slightly older, more mature girl was better for him. Lonnie was not sure that he should join due to the no sex rule and Patti was shocked as to how non-committal he had been with relationships in the past. Lonnie was even trying to have Patti eliminate the “no sex on the first date rule”, but Patti said “no”. Patti was determined to have a real quality girl for Lonnie.

Patti next met with Patrick, who seemed to have a lot more going on. Patrick is a financial advisor who finds it very difficult to meet girls as he works so much. Patti referred to him as a quiet millionaire who probably would be like the type that lives in your neighborhood. Patti immediately found him cute but that he had a personality like paint drying…boring. Patrick said his dream was to be George Clooney but Patti knew he was not even close. Patti looked at his wardrobe and was shocked as to how bland it was and knew that he would be a lot of work.

Patti said that she was going to hold an exclusive millionaire event and even dug into her private stock to find appropriate girls for Lonnie and Patrick. Patti and the staff were seen having the cattle call for new girls for the two lovelorn bachelors and, as usual, we see all types of beauties in search of love and money, although not necessarily in that order. Patti was giving tips to the various girls and telling them how they were to impress the men and, more importantly, how to visually impress them. Patti tells how important it is for the girls to make a great first impression on her first, because then she knows the men would be more inclined to like them.

Alison, sales and marketing rep for Patti, was telling Patti that she has failed to secure the funds from a potential millionaire and Patti then tried to secure a successful communication with the millionaire, and we finally get to see some inner office drama that we saw previewed in the first episode. Alison said that she was at her wits end and was seen leaving the building very frustrated. Somehow, we see this as a future episode drama that will not quit.

The Millionaire Meet and Greet Day. Chelsea meets Patti on the night of the event and Chelsea tells her that some of the girls have not done what Patti desired, which had Patti saying “and they wonder why they are still single.” Patti chastised some of the girls for not doing what she asked and told the girls to look good as the two men arrived. Patrick and Lonnie immediately started to mingle and Lonnie seemed to take more of “the player” attitude with the girls while Patrick was more reserved as the men tried to narrow down the top three and finally the one who they wanted to date. Lonnie was forever in “player” mode and Patrick was very shy around the girls. Patti noticed that Lonnie needed to work on his manners, or lack thereof, and Patrick needed to work on his energy level. At the end, Lonnie chose the blond model, Sabrina, who he seemed to have the most connection with and Patrick chose blond hair Lola, who Patti had chastised for not putting her hair down, for his date.

Sabrina wanted Lonnie to be more chivalrous toward her, which Patti told her she would work on with Lonnie and Lola seemed thrilled to have the opportunity with Patrick. Patti took her date coach, Lisa Johnson, to assist Lonnie to be more of a decent guy and Lonnie was insistent on going out in a group with Sabrina and Patti wanted him to drop the high school mentality. Patti was next seen giving Patrick some tips on dressing better and advising him in the art of being comfortable around women.

Patrick’s first date with Lola was on a sailboat that he had chartered, and he was nervous because Lola was running late and considered that he might be going to be stood up. Lonnie was being a player already with Sabrina and was so cocky and seemed to be very non-responsive to her, in general, even to the extent of inviting a bunch of other people to the date. Over at the boat, Lola finally showed up very late and they immediately began to drink wine and extol the virtues of each other and, believe it or not, Patrick really did seem to take Patti’s tips to heart.

Patti met with each of the millionaires after the date for the feedback and her advice to the men. Lonnie was her first prey as she chastised him for leaving Sabrina alone and allowing others to become part of the date. Patti said that women want quality time with a man, and that they want a man not a boy. Lonnie had not even contacted Sabrina for another date and still was insistent on sleeping with her, like she would want to. Patti made him insist on calling her for another date and Lonnie reluctantly agreed. Lonnie was obnoxious to the end. Patrick met with Patti and Patrick told her that they had a great date, and that he had invited her out again and she had agreed.

At the end of the show, it was revealed that Lola and Patrick were still dating and were in a committed relationship and that Lonnie saw Sabrina one more time and that Patti was no longer working with Lonnie because he was too much of a player.

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