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Project Runway: Spandex and Lace and Shorts, Oh My!

February 06, 2008 10:23 PM by DA Southern

Project Runway Tim Gunn and Chris Courtesy of BravoTVWell, we are getting near the conclusion of this quirky Season 4 and to say that it has been unexpected would indeed be an understatement. We are down to the final six designers and after the unexpected offing of Victorya last episode in the jean competition and seeing Ricky finally win a challenge with no immunity, we know the end is near.

Jillian and Sweet P are seen chatting and Jillian said that she believes it would be a major disappointment to get this far and not make it to Bryant Park fashion week. Christian and Rami were seen talking about how Ricky won and Ricky was seen saying that even though he won, he didn’t believe that they others respect him and his talent.

Heidi strutted out in a beautiful dress that looked like she just got off the runway as she met the designers for this week’s challenge. As usual, Heidi brought out the fashion models to slim the herd out and Ricky kept his model sending Jacqueline out of the model end of the competition. Heidi asked if they were ready for their next challenge and then said, “Too bad. Tim will meet you in the workroom tomorrow morning.” I am sure that the designers were glad to have the night off, but you could tell that they were anxious to get on with it.

The designers were at Parsons bright and early to meet Tim Gunn and immediately he led them on a field trip of sorts. Tim took them down an elevator to what appeared to be a subterranean level and the designers heard weird noises coming from behind the doors. As Tim opened the doors, the designers saw women wrestlers from the WWE in all of their glory going after each other in a ring, throwing each other down, bouncing on each other…Sorry, I got caught up in the moment. Tim proudly proclaimed that these were their clients in all of their spandex glory, and that they were to create an outfit for them to wear in the ring.

The designers chose their wrestlers that they were designing for and Tim told them that they would have 30 minutes with the Divas for design ideas and the budget would be a hundred dollars for the challenge. To top it all off, they would be shopping at the Spandex House for their fabric for their designs. All of the Divas had very vocal opinions about what they wanted, and it looked as though several of the designers were going to have a time with this challenge.

As the designers returned from their shopping trip at the Spandex House, Tim informed them that they had until midnight and all day tomorrow to complete their designs, which seemed generous in comparison to some of the other challenges. Jillian was seen looking at DVD’s from Blockbuster to get a sense of the ring experience that her design would have to endure and Rami and Christian were laughing at Sweet P’s design due to the boa that she was inclined to incorporate into the uniform.

Day two had the designers looking fairly relaxed as they entered the workroom and this challenge seemed perfect for Chris as he was a costume designer. Sweet P’s Diva was accustomed to disrobing and having a very sexy reveal, so Sweet P was going for the essence of her ring persona by making more of a pin-up girl outfit instead of looking like a stripper. Jillian’s Diva was “the girl next door” look, and she wanted a clean look that was not trashy and Chris was into a leopard look with an athletic feel with lots of hanging down lace for his Diva.

After Sweet P and Christian had an arm wrestling competition that Christian won, Tim told the designers that the Divas were coming in for a fitting. The leopard design that Chris had for his Diva was a big hit and Tim was not happy with Sweet P’s design for her Diva because it “looked like she was going to the WWE hospital”, as Tim put it. The designers were a bit frustrated with the fittings as most of the models they usually deal with are stick-thin when they fit them but all of these girls had ample curves for the designers to contend with. Christian loved his outfit on his Diva, but seemed to forget that they would be actually wrestling in it.

The flurry of design was evident as the day began to close in on the designers and Christian was seen looking typically overconfident as he assessed Ricky’s design as “not good” but said he wasn’t going to tell him because “that is how people get weeded out.”

Tim was in with 45 minute left to check on the progress and seemed concerned with Ricky’s design progress. Tim quickly approached Rami to see how he was progressing and Tim seemed very concerned as to the lack of quality of the design even to the degree of saying that he did not want this design to be his downfall. Tim seemed to like Jillian’s design and genuinely thought Christian’s design was “fierce”. Sweet P continued to struggle and Tim thought that the design looked unrefined saying that it looked like Eva Gabor in Green Acres. I don’t ever remember Eva Gabor looking like that, but you have got to give Tim Gunn credit for being witty.

Day of the Runway Show had the designers in crisis, except Christian and Chris as they were both very confident. Sweet P seemed to be in trouble as was Ricky. Tim came in and said the schedule was tight, and that he was sending in the WWE gals for the fittings. The designers got the girls ready and sent them to the TRESemme styling salon, and we hit the runway, ready or not.

Heidi greeted the designers and told them that they were to design an outfit for a WWE Diva and introduced the judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judges, Richie Rich and Traver Rains. Christian’s Diva, Kristal was out first in an all black design, followed by, Jillian’s Diva, Michelle, in a rocking blue short pant design. Ricky’s Diva, Layla, strutted her orange designed costume that looked more like a bathing suit than a wrestling suit, whatever a wrestling suit is, and Chris’s Diva, Maria, looked amazing in her leopard design that Chris had manufactured. Sweet P’s design for her Diva, Candice Michelle, was not half as bad as what we were led to think in the design room and the Diva actually worked it out fairly well. The final design from Rami for his Diva, Torrie, was one that he said he was not confident of. Actually, he said he was terrified of it because he said it did not look like something he would normally do as a designer, which is really the point of the whole show.

Heidi had the models come out to stand with the designers after the scoring of the designs. Kors told the designers that he was like “the pope at a sex club” because he was very unsure as to how to rate the designs. I guess Kors didn’t frequent WWE events too often. The judges were especially high on Chris, Christian, and Jillian and not so much for Ricky, Rami and Sweet P.

The designers were out for the final “een” and “auwt” announcement and Heidi announced immediately that Jillian was safe. She then announced that Chris was the winner of the challenge, which was quite an achievement for the once-eliminated Chris. Christian was safe as was Rami, leaving Sweet P and Ricky. In the final announcement, a shocked Sweet P was proclaimed safe and last week’s winner, Ricky was “auwt” leaving the final five to compete for the final three places in the big show. Ricky said, in leaving, that he had the rest of his life to have a show in Bryant Park, so this was not the end for him.

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Photo Courtesy of BravoTV

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