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Wife Swap: Caveman Meets Rocker Princess

February 06, 2008 09:56 PM by Jennifer_Brown

LaBrie-Zaring-Wife-Swap-Courtesy-ABCJake Zaring thinks he’s got a corner on truck-pulling. Truth is, his real forte is stubborn pigheadedness. Tonight he shows his rigidity in full force as he swaps wives with Indiana rock jock Tony LaBrie.

Debby LaBrie is a soft-spoken Michigan mom, who does it all. And then some. Two jobs (one at a canteen and one at a hair salon)a cattle farm, all the housework, caring for the children,not to mention waiting on hubby Jake hand and foot — all keep Debby way busy. A believer in hard work, Debby gives her children chores, jobs, and responsibilities. There’s no time in the Zaring house for vacations, time off, or even birthdays.

Rock hottie Corrie LaBrie swaps with Debby and it’s got to feel like she’s stepped into an episode of The Flintstones with caveman-like Jake to contend with after leaving her doting husband Tony behind in Indiana. Corrie is not really into the whole chore thing, and definitely not into disciplining her kids. For Corrie and Tony, life is much more about looking great and partying down. Tony treats beautiful Corrie like a queen and is a hands-off step-dad, leaving the LaBrie girls, Tuesday and Hunter, to do their own thing. The result – Tuesday is a boy-crazy, spoiled, cell phone-addicted teen with a bad attitude.

Right away, as the moms try to live by each other’s rules, Corrie clashes with Jake, who she thinks spends way too much time thinking of himself and way too little time appreciating all that Debby does for the family. She wants the kids to have a little freedom, too, and is adamant that Debby get a “vacation spot” of her own and the kids get a birthday party for once.

Debby has a much easier job, it would seem, dealing with sweet Tony and spending her days primping and pampering herself. But she notices that the kids have no discipline and attention and she wants to see Tuesday learn some responsibility.

The rules change and Corrie finds herself hitting a brick wall with Jake. He blows through Debby’s chores, calling them a “piece of cake,” and refusing to give Corrie the admission that Debby’s work is challenging, too. Corrie presses this with Jake, and his response is, “She needs to move out when she gets home then” (Aww,isn’t young love sweet,?). Corrie tries to concentrate on the birthday instead, and is greeted with stony Jordan, who doesn’t want it. Jordan confronts Corrie, sounding eerily like her father, and squashes the birthday party dream. Later, when Corrie catches Jake crossing out several rules on the rule chart, she bursts into tears. “This is too emotionally stressing for me,” she cries, and heads for a hotel. At the hotel, she makes plans to go back to the farm, if only to try to reach the kids again. What she doesn’t know is that while she’s gone, Jake builds Debby’s vacation spot per Corrie’s wishes (all the while defending his “hard” exterior. “Debbie don’t want no wuss for a husband,” he growls.). When Corrie tries to come back to the farm, she’s met with an arrogant and grouchy Jake once again. Again she cries and storms out, saying, “The only thing I have for that man is hate because he’s so nasty.” After he leaves, she tries to get the children to help her decorate Debby’s new vacation spot, but Jordan really won’t contribute at all.

A club LaBrie, Debby is taking on the raging tiger that is Tuesday. She makes Tuesday get a job, so she can feel some responsibility. Tuesday’s reaction – she wants to punch Debby in the face. Debby won’t be deterred, however. She brings Tuesday an educational baby doll, designed to teach teens the rigors of parenting, and takes away Tuesday’s keyboard and cell phone. It almost gets physical as Tuesday rages; Tuesday storms out of the house, snarling, “If I wouldn’t have left I would’ve punched her in the face” (Anyone else noticing a theme here with Tuesday and the punching in the face thing?). Tony comes home just in time for Debby to send him on a mission – to “dad up” and make Tuesday come home. He does – tired of Tuesday’s attitude, he’s more than happy to lay down the law. Later, he makes it a point to get some dad/daughter time with Tuesday over pizza.

The couples reunite and face one another for the first time. Corrie wastes no time in tattling on Jake and calling Jordan Jake’s “mouthpiece.”

“Jake I really am disappointed,” Debby chastises. She says she’s ashamed of him for not finishing what they’d started. But she sees Corrie’s caveman complaints and raises her a bratty daughter story. Tony backs up Debby’s claims, telling Corrie he thinks they need to tighten down on Tuesday’s world.

Jake begrudgingly agrees that he needs to devote more time to Debby. But don’t get used to that soft side, because as soon as Corrie gets tearful while telling Tony how much she loves him, Jake makes a snide remark under his breath. “Shut up, Jake,” Corrie snaps. “I’ve had enough of your #$%^ for the last week!” ‘Nuf said.

Back home, Debby tells Jake and the kids that she thinks the vacation spot is “romantic and sweet.”

Since the Swap, Jake and Debby take more time for themselves, going out to eat every weekend. Tony and Corrie have given the kids chores and Tony’s a much more involved step-dad than he was before.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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3 Responses to “Wife Swap: Caveman Meets Rocker Princess”

  1. kerimparrot Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 12:17 am

    I saw the show and then goggled Corrie LaBrie. The writer of this article got some facts wrong. Corrie and Tony are from Michigan. Debby and Jake Zaring are from Indiana. Just a quick observation.

  2. ann Says:
    August 12th, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    I watched this and Jake is a big jerk

  3. Doe Says:
    September 26th, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    I know one thing the cave man and me would of gone toe to toe and that house would be finished before any truck pull. Those kids are just as bad as the father they had no appreciation for Debby at all. I felt bad for Debby she was on an island all alone without any help or support from her family. Jake needed a swift kick in the ass to treat Correy the way he did she comes off as a Queen and a spoiled girlie girl but she didn’t deserve to be treated that way.


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