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Celebrity Apprentice: “Nely, You’re Fired…Get the Hell Outa Here.”

February 07, 2008 09:42 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Nely-Galan-Courtesy-NBCThe claws come out as the teams retire to the penthouse after last week’s emotional boardroom. Vinny’s gone and Omarosa isn’t about to hold back her feelings for Piers and the rest of the guys who goaded Vinny to turn rat on Team Empresario. She turns her forked tongue on Lennox first, saying, “Lennox, I’m glad to know you’re just as dirty as the rest of your teammates.”

But Piers wants to prove that when it comes to nasty snark-slinging, he cannot be outdone. He calls Omarosa a “pointless waste of space,” which eggs on another squabble between the two of them, culminating in Omarosa dumping her glass of champagne over Piers’ head.

Stephen, looking a little like a whipped dog, slinks out of the penthouse, telling the teams that he’s planning to resign, and heads to the boardroom to talk it out with The Donald (yellow tie). “Working with Piers is not a possibility,” Stephen complains. The Donald tells him not to “be a loser,” and won’t accept Stephen’s resignation. Instead, The Donald comes up with a plan (insert sinister mustache-twirling here): he’ll send Stephen over to Team Empresario to “kick Piers’ ass” a different way. Stephen accepts and stays on.

Up in the penthouse, nobody’s particularly thrilled to hear about Stephen’s defection to the girls’ team – least of all, the girls, especially once they learn that he will miss the first half of the next task due to a prior obligation. “People aren’t going to fall for this, Mr. Baldwin,” Piers says, and then proceeds to call Stephen a “quitter,” and a “disloyal little rat.”

The Donald (pink tie) gathers the teams. Stephen’s absent, but Tito’s back. Donny Jr. is back also, as well as our old Apprentice friend George. Omarosa tries to decline The Donald’s offer to let Stephen join their team, but The Donald pulls rank on her, and the team is stuck with him.

Vera Wang and the head of Serta are standing to The Donald’s left. This week’s task will be to create a living window to promote a new line of Vera Wang mattresses by Serta. The teams will be judged by 1) creativity, 2) entertainment, and 3) name branding. The Donald sends the teams to the war room to plan; Omarosa takes on the Project Manager role for Empresario, while Lennox steps up as Hydra’s P.M.

Hydra struggles under the surprisingly dictatorial style of Lennox’s leadership. He wants his team members to raise their hands before speaking, which rankles Piers right away. On top of that, Lennox doesn’t appear to want to make much of any decisions, instead insisting that the team take a vote on every detail of the task. The guys (led by Piers, of course) call Lennox on it – if Team Hydra loses this task they’re going to take Lennox down in the boardroom.

In the meantime Marilu’s caught in Omarosa’s deadly sights, as she seems to have some difficulty communicating with the construction crew. Omarosa thinks Marilu has too much energy that is too difficult to harness; Marilu thinks she needs to watch her back with Omarosa around (and sides, front, temples,).

Empresario’s window display draws upon Vera Wang’s trademark wedding gowns, creating “the perfect marriage of mattress and designer.” Carol and Stephen put on a little carrying-across-the-threshold wedding vignette, which Vera loves.

Hydra’s idea (okay, it was totally and completely Trace’s idea) was also to draw on Vera’s romantic reputation, by creating the slogan, “The world’s greatest romance deserves the world’s greatest mattress.” They plop Cleopatra and Marc Anthony on the mattress, watching a flat screen TV and talking on cell phones. Vera loves their display, too.

It wouldn’t be a boardroom without some barb-slinging between Piers and,well, everybody else. So they do that for a while, but then the Donald (still the pink tie) gets down to business and announces that Team Hydra, with their creative approach, wins again. Lennox, the Project Manager, will get $20,000 to give to his charity, The Muhammad Ali Center. Piers tosses one last insult at Omarosa on the way out.

The girls are shocked by their loss, and Omarosa begs The Donald not to make her bring back two members of the team, but to let them stand judgment as one. George isn’t buying – he tells Omarosa that life is full of tough decisions and she must make one now. She chooses to bring back Marilu (for her communication problems) and Nely (for not giving Omarosa the creative feedback she felt she needed).

The Donald leaves Marilu completely alone, but says he has “two major problems” with Nely. First, he says, she has more experience with this type of thing than anyone else there. Secondly, she should have been fired twice before. Nely takes exception to the last statement and lips off to The Donald, saying, “I don’t know why you haven’t gotten over that.”

In the end, The Donald says, “You always have to learn from history and the past,It doesn’t matter,Nely, you’re fired,Get the hell out of here.”

In the taxi, Nely is undeterred – she plans to continue to raise money for her charity, Count Me In.

Next on Celebrity Apprentice:

It’s the battle of Mean vs. Evil.

And did Piers really drop the words “lowlife trash” on Omarosa?

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