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Make Me A Supermodel: Fashion Week

February 07, 2008 10:19 PM by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A Supermodel KatyLast week, Jay, Katy, and Casey were up for the vote. Surprisingly, America thinks Katy is still supermodel material, and Jay goes home.

Meanwhile, back at the loft, the other models are guessing who will stay and who will go. Katy is definitely not a favorite. “There’s not a time when I don’t see food in Katy’s hand,” Ronnie says. Stephanie has some harsh words for Casey. “He doesn’t work out, he doesn’t eat right, he’s getting a belly.”

As usual, when the two return for another round, everyone claims they are glad to see them.

This week is all about the catwalk. The models will be walking in an actual show at Bryant Park. But first, a celebration is in order. It’s Ronnie and Ben’s birthday, and everyone puts on their best for a night on the town. Ronnie and Ben make a strong team, and Ronnie’s goal is to make it into the final two with his best buddy. He spends a lot of time helping Ben get his walk down.

Walking coach Debbie Deitering is back, and she’s not pleased. “It’s week five, and most of the models are not where they should be,” she gripes. “The girls need to step it up.” She is particularly displeased with one girl. “Katy, I feel, is way behind the rest.” Ben’s hard work pays off though, and he wows the coaches. The models leave with a happy surprise – a custom selected outfit from Bloomingdales.

The next day, and the girls are up for a walk on the runway. They’ll be modeling designs for Form, by Jerry Tam. Holly is stunning in an off the shoulder red dress, and the other models hit the runway smoothly in dark colors, hoods, and head wraps. Jerry takes a liking to Holly and Stephanie, but notes that, “Stephanie was tough to work with.” He praises Holly, though. “She is perfect for any runway.” Shannon didn’t fare as well, ending up as a bottom pick for Jerry. “She’s too tall.” Katy also made the bottom of the list, but not for her walk. “She has a beachy feeling.”

Later, the models play a game to pass the time. Jacki alienates her housemates again, and seems to have a foe in Perry this week, awarding him “Least Likely To Improve.” He retaliates by choosing her as “Least Likely To Win Make Me A Supermodel.”

Morning comes and the men get their turn at Fashion week, modeling for Scott French. They’ll have three clothing changes. “Remember, it’s not about you,” Scott tells them. “It’s about the clothes you are selling.” The men strut their stuff, but Frankie and Ronnie are stiff. “I’m not sure I would cast Ronnie,” Scott says. “He’s a little too catalog.”

Now it’s time to hit the gym, and trainer Clay Burwell doesn’t pull any punches. He puts the contestants through a grueling workout, and singles out his own bottom three. Pulling a pack of cigarettes from Katy’s pocket, he tells her, “This drives me crazy. Quit.” He also calls Casey and Frankie on the carpet.

After dinner, the models hang out at the loft. Where’s Katy? “Sleeping!” Everyone knows where to find her. After picking on her lack of discipline for a while, Perry tries to stick up for her. “The girl weighs what, 125 pounds? People would kill to have her body.” Katy wakes up famished from her nap, and joins the group with a slab of cake. It’s no secret why she’s not making her measurements.

The last challenge has arrived, and Niki tells the group to rock the downtown New York look.

Holly is fabulous in a long white train. “I feel most comfortable here,” she says, and it shows. Ronnie’s not as confident. “I just don’t know what happened to my walk!” he laments. Frankie claims he’s just having fun, but he’s stiff. The judges have their own opinion.

Holly has great feedback. Jerry Tam says he’d book her again, and her catwalk was flawless. He says “Jacki was good, but maybe only for swimsuits.” Ouch! That’s got to hurt, since she was modeling high fashion! She’s not the only one whose star has dimmed. “I was a little disappointed,” Judge Cory Bautista tells Shannon.

Scott French had nothing but praise for Ben, but didn’t like Ronnie. Tyson agrees that Ronnie needs to work harder. Frankie’s catwalk is rated the poorest yet. Ben gets honors from the judges as well. “He’s proving he can do this,” Judge Jennifer Starr says.

The three best models this week are Ben, Holly, and Casey, the comeback kid. Niki is clearly pleased at Casey’s efforts this week, but it’s Ben who takes home the win. Stephanie, Perry, and Shannon are also apparently safe. The bottom four are Katy (for the fourth time in five weeks), Ronnie, Jacki and Frankie. Tyson spells it out for them. “Frankie, the real world hit you hard. Ronnie, you kinda fell back, man.” He addresses the girls, but doesn’t have any new criticism for lackluster Katy. “Jacki,” he says, “You came up short.” Jacki gets a reprieve, though, and is safe for another week. Now it’s up to us. Who do you think can be made into a supermodel? Vote now at www.bravotv.com.

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