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Survivor Micronesia Fans Vs Favorites Premieres On CBS

February 07, 2008 02:01 AM by Joe Reality

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Over the years Survivor has offered up a number of very unique twists in order to keep the show fresh and original. However, the twist on the new season of Survivor looks to be the best ever. While other reality shows might be content with an all-stars season, Survivor is doing much more than just an all-stars season.

Survivor is letting some of the biggest fans of the show face off against all-stars in what it calls “Fans Vs. Favorites.” On the season premiere entitled “You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look,” these super-fans of Survivor will be surprised when they realize that they will be facing off against a tribe consisting of favorites from past seasons of Survivor. According to a teaser for the show, one of the favorites will confuse his tribemates with a shocking and unexpected announcement.

The fans tribe consists of Joel Anderson, Natalie Bolton, Michael “Mikey B” Bortone, Tracy Hughes-Wolf, Alexis Jones, Erik Reichenbach, Mary Sartain, Jason Siska, Kathleen Sleckman, and Chet Welch.

The favorites tribe consists of Yau-Man Chan, James Clement, Ami Cusack, Jonny Fairplay, Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel, Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth, Eliza Orlins, Jonathan Penner, and Parvati Shallow.

Survivor Micronesia Fans Vs. Favorites premieres on Thursday, February 7 from 8 PM to 9 PM ET/PT on CBS.

Photo Credit: Reality TV Magazine

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