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Dance War: Carrie Ann Cuts Allysa

February 11, 2008 08:14 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Carrie-Ann-Courtesy-ABCEl bailar caliente esta noche, bebÃ! Tonight’s Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann brings us Latin Night, and some of the hottest dancing we’ve seen to date.

They start the show with a bang — and a group performance. Last week the teams complained that group rehearsals were tough chemistry-wise, but boy it sure isn’t showing here tonight. Mariel’s voice is amazing, and the dancing’s on fire.

We get a quick behind-the-scenes look at Team Carrie Ann’s celebration after last week’s win, which involved a few cucumber slices, a mud wrap or two, and a steamy sauna as they get a royal spa treatment as a prize. Back in the studio, things aren’t quite so laid back. Mariel worries that the precise demand of Latin music will be tough for her, and she must look to Allysa for help. Problem is, Carrie Ann thinks Allysa’s “lazy” in rehearsals (Allysa calls it strategy — looking out for numero uno rather than helping everyone else). Qis worries that his athletic build will inhibit his Latin form, but with some help from teammate Bradley he works it out.

Carrie Ann admits that Latin week has worried her from week one, calling it “the most challenging and most ambitious number so far.”

For their first dance, Team Carrie Ann performs Miami Sound Machine’s Conga. The vocals — especially the girls’ — are H-O-T and the dancing’s pretty great (although the all-white costuming seems like a pretty strange choice for the colorful and fiery nature of Latin dance). After, Carrie Ann cries, “You guys nailed it!” and even Bruno has to begrudgingly say, “I really, really, really enjoyed it.”

Bruno’s team is still reeling from their losses, but are resolved to turn bad fortune into a challenge — a challenge they plan to meet. They spend some time doing outreach for the Down Syndrome Foundation of Los Angeles, dancing and playing with their fans. The day lifts their spirits, which is good because Bruno (who claims he’s “taken more punches than Rocky”) expects them to turn up the burners on their dance this week. Zack, in particular, Bruno feels, needs to bring out the sexy (Bruno, I couldn’t agree more!). Zack struggles, but seems determined to find his inner sex kitten. In the meantime, Phillip gets a surprise visit from his mother, who flies in to catch the show. “I’ve missed your hugs,” he tells her. “Now I can perform.”

Team Bruno performs to the song Sway and hot-chihuahua, does Zack sizzle up the stage. Phillip, in his showy style, also brings it. Bruno calls it Dancing with the Stars and American Idol combined and says his hard work with Zack paid off. Carrie Ann, however, thinks Phillip was the stand-out performer in this number and says she believes there’s “more in Zack” (um…are you looking for volunteers to bring it out, by chance…?).

We get an intermission treat — the High School Musical stage production of We’re All in This Together. Great singing, fun dancing, an all-out performance, and the pre-teens in the audience are thrilled.

Team Carrie Ann then takes the stage again with a backdrop of a fence. They perform a slow, sexy number to Marc Anthony’s I Need to Know. It’s entertaining, especially when Qis gives a little rhythm on a box, but the singing’s a little flat and the song a little…slow. Carrie Ann tears up after the performance, recounting how hard the team worked and saying how impressed she is with the way this team has come up with their own style. Bruno, however, thought the dance took too long to get into and criticized Carrie Ann once again for being gimmicky.

But now it’s Team Bruno’s turn to hit the stage again — can they outdo I Need to Know? They dance to Whine Up, and AT LAST we get to see Phillip and Zack shirtless (holy cow, that’s not a six pack, that’s a keg!). The guys show off some major athletic ability and the girls show off amazing vocals. The routine is quick and exciting, in Bruno’s words: A pop group performance. Carrie Ann’s response — a high five for Bruno.

It all comes down to the vote results over last week’s Country Week performances. Drew Lachey gathers the teams and announces that the winner of last week was…Team Bruno! Bruno crumples to the floor…laughing? Crying? Praying? Hard to tell. Carrie Ann just crumples — definitely crying her eyes out. “I’m devastated,” she says.

Carrie Ann chooses to keep Qis, Bradley, Mariel, and Elizabeth, leaving Allysa and Chris to sing it out in the bottom two.

After a moving duet of Enrique Iglesias’ Hero, Carrie Ann chooses Chris, tearfully sending Allysa on her way.

Allysa says all she ever truly cared about was the team and urges viewers to still vote for them because they, she thinks, deserve it.

Next on Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann:

It’s the season finale, as we find out who wins the War.

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