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Flavor Of Love 3 Results: Flavor Flav Cuts 4 Internet Girls Plus 1

February 11, 2008 10:47 PM by Joe Reality

Flavor Of Love 3 Internet Girls

It’s the third season of Flavor of Love. As Flavor Flav explains, love is like a baseball game. His first strike was with Brigitte Nielsen in Strange Love, his second strike was with Hoopz in Flavor Of Love 1, and his third strike was with Deelishis in Flavor Of Love 2. According to Flavor Flav, “If I get any more strikes, I’m out.”

After re-interpreting the game of baseball to have four strikes, Flavor Flav made his hopes known about the girls for the third season. Flavor Flav said, “I’m hoping this is a different bunch of girls, classier than season one and two.” With that bit of wishful thinking, the season three girls rushed the house, knocking each other over in an attempt to claim their beds.

While in previous seasons Flavor Flav selected nicknames for the girls, he allowed the girls to select their own nicknames this season. Well, almost, some of the girls had their nicknames reassigned by Flavor Flav. The nicknames forthe season threecast members were Bee-Ex, Bunz, DYMZ, El, Grayve, Hotlanta, Ice, Peechee, Prancer, Q-Tee, Saint Lewis, Savanna, Seezinz, Shore-Tee, Shy, Sinceeer, Thing 1 & 2, Tik, Rayna, and Myammee.

After spending some time with each of the girls, Flavor Flav selected fifteen girls to go forward in the competition. Flavor Flav eliminated the following five girls: Q-Tee, Peechee, Savanna, Shore-Tee, and DYMZ. Four of the eliminated girls were actually girls selected by fans on the Internet. Flavor Flav said, “Internet users, what the hell was y’all thinking? Internet users, like I said, I thought y’all loved Flav. How y’all going to do that to me?”

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One Response to “Flavor Of Love 3 Results: Flavor Flav Cuts 4 Internet Girls Plus 1”

  1. polker Says:
    February 12th, 2008 at 7:22 am

    More entertaining trash from everyone’s ghetto blaster, Flav, this has all the usual elemetns in place. Flav’s desperation to find love from another posse of glitzy, ditzy, gals with attitudes, weaves, weight problems, etc.
    Fascinatinly awful as always, Flav is determined this will be his last test and discard the latest cutie.
    To be fair, the last two ditched him. Flav’s colorful turn of phases and drunked revel is at best, amusing. At its worst, this show turns everyone into the lowest commom money-fame grabbers!!
    Let’s see here. Standouts or sitdowns include the vicious, high-strung Shy who is NO NEW YORK!! She is ghetto dim and will cause all kinds of problems.
    The five eliminated barely had a chance to breath, let alone get to know the REAL Flav.
    The twins, B00-Boo and Trashy are like tiny Delishous from last season. All cutesy smirks and idle chatter.
    The early favs to win Flav are clearly Sintz,Prancer, and someone called Tic-who is HUGE!!!
    All the usual cattle round-ups coming this season with lots of Flav laughs, cavorting, and fould mouth ladies.
    Prancer and Sintz wins. And the Blonde, ICE, will not be there long!!!


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