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Biggest Loser Couples: Trent Takes One for the Team

February 12, 2008 09:39 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Biggest-Loser-Trent-Courtesy-NBCThe emotional turmoilcaused bylast week’s double-crossing elimination of Jackie is thick as the Blue Team makes its way back to the house from the Elimination Room. Team Black obviously disapproves of the decision, and the members spend time giving Dan hugs and support. “Don’t get in our damn business,” Roger grumbles about Team Black. “They can hate me all they want, but they can’t beat me,” Mark boasts.

As for Dan, he’s one hacked guy, super-wary of his teammates’ integrity, super-bitter about his mom’s elimination, and super-determined to go all the way to the end, even if it means he has to do it all alone.

Team Blue is a broken team now. Dan is lone-wolfing and the rest of the guys look like they feel like real heels. Bob meets with Dan and, though he hears him out and promises Dan that he’s not alone, he pushes Dan to find a way to fix the broken team, if only for himself. Dan gives it some thought and then gathers the guys together. He tells them that he understands a decision had to be made and he’s okay with what they did. Surprisingly, Mark & Jay apologize to Dan, saying he’s acting more maturely than they did and saying they feel terrible. The guys leave the past behind them and move on, once again united.

Meanwhile, Team Black is in the gym, urging Jillian to take Dan under her wing and bring him onto the Black Team. Jillian won’t do it, saying Bob is a perfectly good trainer and she’s got to keep her focus on her current team.

Bernie leaves the gym and hikes to the top of Biggest Loser Player of the Week Mountain to get his prize. This late in the game, it’s no shock that he chooses the “gameplay” envelope, which reads, “Take 50% off at this week’s challenge.”

Speaking of this week’s challenge,the teams gather lakeside to meet up with Alison. It’s a cold day and nobody’s loving the idea of a water challenge, especially once they hear what it’s going to be. Each team will choose two couples to stand on balance beams over the water, each of them grasping a rope which holds the combined total of their weight loss to date, keeping it (and themselves) balanced above water to win. Lucky Bernie finally understands the meaning of his gameplay prize: he and his partner will only be holding up half of his weight loss weight. Two contestants get to sit this one out (Trent and Kelly). The winning team gets to give immunity to two people: one on Team Black and one on Team Blue.

Jay & Roger are the first to take a dive, leaving only Mark & Jay up there for Team Blue. Mark does a lot of wobbling and tugging and when Alison points out his difficulty he snaps at her: “Don’t be so dramatic! This isn’t a soap opera!” (Uh,he did NOT just diss my girl Alison like that!). But in the end Alison wasn’t being dramatic: Mark falls in, allowing Team Black to win once again.

Back at the house, Bob is not in the least bit thrilled that Team Blue is seemingly on a losing streak. He recommends that the guys engage in a little gameplay and manipulation. “It’s not about that for me,” Trent says, breaking down in tears. “I love Trent because he’s here for the right reasons,” Bob says.

Jillian helps the Black Team choose their immunity winners. They pull names out of a hat and decide that Maggie will be the beneficiary of the immunity prize. As a team, they decide that Jay will be the Blue Team member to get the prize.

Later, in the gym, Jillian notices that Maggie’s having an emotional moment. She pulls Maggie aside and, after a brief visit, decides it’s time to bring in some professional help for her players: Jillian’s mama, a psychotherapist. Jillian’s mom gets some sessions going with the players and breaks through some pretty heavy stuff with Brittany, Kelly, and Paul, hoping that talking about their pain will keep them from putting their weight back on when they go back home.

Bob, who doesn’t believe in “pushing therapy” on people, makes an offer to the guys to either sit with Jillian’s mom or go for a hike. All of the guys choose the hike. “We wanna walk it out, not talk it out,” Dan says. “The Blue Team has just become the biggest team of dumb jocks,” Maggie complains.

Going into the weigh-in, nobody really knows what to expect. Jillian fears a slow week for Team Black, after their amazing numbers last week. Blue is confident. “None of us is going home,” Jay boasts.

Combined, the Black Team puts up a 28-pound loss (Paul is the Biggest Loser Player of the Week, with a 10-pound loss. Yeah, Paul!). Team Blue must take off at least 35 pounds to beat Team Black. It looks like they’ve got it in the bag, as all of the guys put up huge numbers again this week (Roger takes top spot for Team Blue, with a 9-pound loss. Go, Rog!). It all comes down to Jay, who admittedly doesn’t put up very big numbers on a regular basis, but should have no problem losing the 5 pounds that will push them over the top. He gets on the scale,the numbers flip,he’s lost,4 pounds. Team Blue loses the weigh-in by 1 measly pound. Bob is irate and storms out of the weigh-in room.

The guys gather to discuss who will go home. With Roger and Jay both immune, it comes down to Dan, Trent, and Mark. Right away Trent puts his head on the chopping block, asking them to send him home so he can get his injured knee recovered properly.

They file into the Elimination Room and tears flow like crazy as the guys vote off Trent. Alison announces that he’s lost 87 pounds while on campus (more than anyone else so far – woot, woot!), and he gets big applause from his Blue Team buds.

After Trent leaves, Alison brings in Team Black to make an announcement: everyone’s going home,

As Trent leaves, he says he’s happy because he feels like he stayed true to himself during his entire stay on campus. He was not in it for the money, he claims, but for the health improvement and the hope that he will live longer to see his son (AKA: the cutest baby ever!) grow up. “The way I see it, I’ve already won,” he says. Today, fitness is “together time” for Trent and his family. He’s lost a total of 112 pounds and comfortably fits into his old college football jersey.

Next on Biggest Loser Couples:

Expect a “tragic” weigh-in after the contestants spend some time at home.

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