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Millionaire Matchmaker: Peter, Tai and German

February 12, 2008 09:53 PM by DA Southern

Patti Chelsea and Destin of Bravo TV's Millionaire MatchmakerPatti was railing at the outset on men saying that all they wanted to do today was to play, and as long as they had Hugh Hefner and Jack Nicholson as their poster boys, it was hard to get them to settle down. Patti was telling her staff that the men must take their dates to a four or five star restaurant to set the precedent for a relationship; to set the table for romance and a continuing relationship. And that was before the opening montage even played.

Patti was already out to see her first millionaire, Peter, as he was supposedly on a short time frame and expressed a desire for a soul mate. Peter was a manufacturing millionaire who made his millions in the cosmetic field but, unfortunately, was unable to score with any of the cosmetic girls. Peter is a martial arts guru and somewhat of a humanitarian and desired an intelligent, professional woman who was very confident with herself. Patti was so taken with him, that she said that she would date him herself and said that he was a real man who was looking for a real woman.

Patti implored her staff not to look for model/actresses for Peter but confident women who could hold their own to him. Patti also informed her staff that her mom was coming to visit, which is always interesting when we throw a family member into the mix who is not usually a part of the show. Evidently, Patti’s mom is both a matchmaker and a therapist, so we are looking for a new dynamic to Patti that we usually don’t see.

After Patti picked up her parents and dropped them off, she was off to see her next millionaires. That’s right, two guys, Tai and German, who actually want to date together, I mean, date girls together, which Patti finds strange. Patti hit them right off the bat with the obvious question about their intent. She wanted to make sure they were not doing it just to get laid, but actually doing it for love. After a pause that you swore you could hear crickets chirping, they finally said yes to the love. The guys seemed sincere and Patti was still unsure about the tandem team dating.

Peter invited Patti and her staff to his meditation studio and Patti found him very controlling as she did the yoga and meditation he instructed. Patti realized that the woman would need to be able to hold her own against his controlling nature. Back at the office the girl hunt was on and the stress to accommodate Peter was evident, but not as much for the tag-team duo, plus there was the added pressure of impressing Patti’s mother who would be at the event.

The scene with Patti and her parents was telling as Patti discussed how hard it was to create matches in today’s climate. Patti told of some of her own disappointments by dating the “bad boys” in her life and not heeding her mother’s advice. Now, however, Patti laments that nice guys are looking pretty good.

Patti sent the duo-daters off to the fine men’s clothing store to try to get them to become more presentable and the duo seemed to thwart each other for a chance at becoming more mature looking at every turn, even to the frustration of the clothing store guy. As the millionaires met at a yacht to meet the girls, Patti separated the duo to make them converse better with the girls and Peter was trying to hone in on a more sophisticated woman, or so we believed. All the while Patti was trying to look for signs of a match for the men and trying to get the men to narrow down their choices for their mini-dates.

Patti was incensed as Peter, the more enlightened one who assured Patti that he wanted a more mature woman, was going after the model types that Patti had really intended for the duo. Peter and Patti even had a few words about the choices and Patti knew this was not going as planned. The duo did indeed pick young, blond, model types and Peter chose a vibrant red head who was everything he told Patti he wanted, but Peter knew it would not work between them. So much for all of his bravado. Finally, the duo, Tai and German, picked CJ and Erin, but they picked each other’s dates. Heck, the two guys ought to just be with each other and be done with it. Peter picked the actress/model, Cynthia, and Patti immediately chastised him for doing so and said that he was making his decision with Mr. Ding Dong. However, I just don’t recall seeing a Mr. Ding Dong there that night.

The duo decided to double-date and as the limo pulled up, the guys were standing half-naked at the window to greet them. After the girls complained about their immaturity, the guys finally came dressed for the date and off they went. Peter was seen going on a horse back ride with his sweet, young thing and asked her if she was having fun. She was not totally thrilled but was hoping to go to a party later. Peter said, “wow” because that was the big date beginning, but he persisted by telling her that he managed to feed 20,000 hungry families last year, which had Cynthia saying that she was cutting back on carbs. You gotta admit, that was funny.

Back at the duo date, the foursome were hard at it on the dance floor and they all seemed to be having a nice time. Finally, Peter took Cynthia to dinner at a nice restaurant, and it looked like a Dad taking his daughter out to teach her how to eat at a “fancy place”. I believe what was the killer for the date was when Peter went into a meditative state before he ate, which had Cynthia drinking…heavily. Back at the restaurant the foursome were beginning to become more comfortable with each other but CJ and German seemed to have more chemistry than Erin and Tai, and you could definitely see that on her face.

Patti saw her parents off and immediately met up with her millionaires to discuss their dates. Peter was first up and proclaimed to Patti that he and Cynthia had fun, but that she was not his soul mate. Patti immediately chastised him for passing on the 30 year-olds at the mixer and again told him that he was not thinking with his head, at least not the right one. When Patti met with the duo, she told them that the girls were not at all thrilled with the guys’ behavior and the lack of seriousness that they seemed to exhibit. Patti told them that Erin did not want to date Tai again but that CJ wanted another date with German. Patti was sure that they did not need to be dating together again and the guys looked petrified at the thought.

Ultimately, Peter never got a call from Cynthia, German and CJ are still dating and Tai is still searching…alone.

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