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Big Brother 9: Jacob and Sharon Ousted, First HOH Crowned

February 13, 2008 07:27 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-jacob-cast-photo-resized.jpgIn last night’s episode of Big Brother 9, each of the 16 players were teamed up with a “soulmate” — somebody determined as being most compatible with them. Jen and Parker became the first power couple after winning a challenge, forced to make a decision to evict a team within hours of their victory.

Parker and Jen were really excited from winning because Jen knew her real-life boyfriend, Ryan, who is also playing in the game with the others unaware they are a couple, would be safe. Sharon was also pleased with who won because she thinks Parker is a great guy who won’t vote her out. Adam, on the other hand, at odds with his partner Sheila, thought that his team was a target. He and Sheila continued to argue after he made a remark about people with disabilities. Sheila confided in some of the other women that she doesn’t want to be eliminated, but she thinks Adam is creepy. “I was physically ill because I don’t want to be with this guy,” she said in a confessional. She confronted Adam for his use of the word “retard” telling him that he was insensitive. Adam disagreed.The real-life couple of Ryan and Jen were faced with keeping their relationship a secret. This left Ryan’s partner, Allison, starting to show feelings for him. The distancing created by hiding their relationship was causing some rough emotions. Jen was upset that she isn’t really able to talk to him openly, and when they were given the opportunity, they ran to a room and kissed in private. Alex and Amanda hit it off right away and both were open to the idea that they may have found their soulmate.

Two other players, who have a history outside of the house, Jacob and Sharon, were coupled in the twist. Jacob told a group of guys outside that Parker is a snake because he seems “gutless.” This worried Jen because that is her partner. She faked that her contact was causing problems, so she ran in the house to tell Joshuah about it. Then Parker walked into the room when he was told about the situation as well. Parker was blown away and went outside to ask everybody why they felt that way about him. Parker called Jacob out for the snake comment. Conflict already hitting the Big Brother house. Parker was angry and to get to the bottom of it, Parker woke everybody up in the house to hear what they had to say. They all convened in the living room as Parker asked who was lying. Jacob said he overheard somebody say it, but wouldn’t call anybody out for doing so. The house flipped on Jacob saying that they thought he was a liar. Adam was relieved that Jacob put the spotlight on himself because maybe he wouldn’t be targeted anymore.bb9-sharon-cast-photo-resized.jpg

After the first blow up in the house, Parker asked to talk to Jacob’s partner, Sharon in private. She started damage control putting the blame more onto Ryan, and this is where it gets complicated. By blaming Ryan, Sharon was targeting Parker’s partner’s real-life boyfriend. After Parker told Jen he wanted Ryan out, she decided to reveal to her partner that they were dating. Ryan then told his partner the news, too. Allison expressed her concern saying that anything they discuss strategy-wise will go back and be told to his girlfriend. Sheila’s negativity started rubbing off as she continued to complain about Adam. With the first eviction looming, Parker and Jen were having a difficult time making their decision on who to evict. Would it be the fighting Sheila and Adam or the ex-couple Jacob and Sharon? At the eviction ceremony, Jacob and Sharon the couple who broke up after 12 years of dating, were the first to be bounced from the Big Brother house. Adam and Sheila dodged a bullet. After the eviction, the first Head of Household competition began with the seven remaining couples vying for the title. Eric and Jessica, from last season came out to host the competition. Each player was separated from their partner, each asked six questions. They then had to guess how their partner would answer. For each correct match, the couples would be awarded hearts. At the end, the team with the most hearts would win HOH. With questions like, “What kind of road sign would you use to describe your partner?” it was very much like The Newlywed Game. Although the game was fun, it was way too long. The only thing that came out of it is that the couples seemed to be getting along extremely well — even Sheila and Adam. The last question only left three couples with the ability to win. Taking the key to the first HOH room was Amanda and Alex. Who will be the first-ever coupleHOH nominate for eviction? Tune in Sunday at 8PM on CBS to find out.

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