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Project Runway: A Question of Art and Style, Answered

February 13, 2008 10:07 PM by DA Southern

Project Runway ChristianThe moment of truth for our designers draws near as we get close to the final show to determine the undeniable winner of Season 4 of Project Runway. In last week’s episode WWE wrestling design, we saw Ricky become the latest casualty of one of the most interesting seasons to date leaving Jillian, Sweet P, Rami, Christian and funny man, Chris to battle it out for the top spots.

The opening scene saw Sweet P not believing she had not been “auwted” by Heidi but was relieved to be staying for another challenge. Chris and Rami were both fairly calm as to the final challenge to determine which designer would do a runway show and Christian was relatively quiet, for once.

Heidi greeted the designers in her usually stylish manner and then paraded the remaining models out to see which one would be hitting the road. Winner from the last challenge, Chris, chose to stay with Model Marcia sending Amanda off to do Victoria Secret catalogs, or so we could only imagine.

Heidi then announced that the next challenge would decide which three would make it to fashion week and that two designers would be “auwt”. Heidi sent the designers to meet Tim for the final field trip, and they met him in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and went inside for their next challenge.

The designers had the unique privilege of being the only ones in the Museum and Tim informed them that they were to choose a work of art that would inspire their look. Finally, a truly classy and classic challenge that would definitely give the designers a chance to show their true colors. Tim informed them that their inspiration would come from one of three wings, The Greek and Roman sculptured courtyard, the European painting wing and the Egyptian Temple of Dandour.

The designers had forty-five minutes to get inspiration and Rami was psyched by the Statue of Aphrodite and Christian was inspired by the European painting room. Chris seemed impassioned by the Greek and Roman sculptures as were Jillian and Sweet P.

After a brief sketch period back at Parsons, off the designers went to shop for the necessary materials at the fabric store. Tim informed them that they had two days for the challenge and to “make it work”. Jillian’s final inspiration was from a painting called “Scenes From The Story Of The Argonauts” and especially the armor from the painting. Chris was equally inspired by a painting, “Marie Francoise De La Cropte De St Abre, Marquise D’Argence” because it looked like a costume he had done before and Rami believed that maybe some of the remaining designers were trying too hard.

Day two of the challenge found the designers scrambling to get some sort of semblance of what a finished design would be as Tim notified them that the models were on the way in to be fitted. Most did not have enough to fit and poor Sweet P’s model was late which put Sweet P behind. Christian was very busy being the purveyor of what was wrong with everyone’s design, especially Chris as he considered it too costume-like and similar to what he and Chris had designed in a previous challenge.

Tim came in and gathered the designers around and introduced Collier Strong, consulting makeup artist for L’oreal Paris, who told them how important make-up was going to be for the overall design. He then took all of the designers and gave them nifty advice. Chris was so tired that he went and took a nap saying that he was done with his design, sending Christian into a rage about, well, Chris sleeping on the job. Tim even came in to inquire as to Chris’s whereabouts and when he found him, Tim asked Chris if he was done and if so, was it “wowable”, which I guess is fashion talk. Chris assured Tim that it was as he dragged himself into the workroom to show him. Tim was not pleased with it at all and immediately went over to Christian’s design, and for once, was not pleased with Christian’s overall design at that point.

Tim was in quite a surly mood as he really was not pleased with any of the designer’s designs, except for Rami. Tim believed that Rami’s design might incite a “seen it before” from Nina Garcia, and he needed to try to freshen it up a bit. Sweet P’s model finally arrived and the fitting really put her behind the eight-ball because she didn’t have enough time with her model.

Day of the Runway show had the designers dressing for the final show and Chris was amazed as to how everybody seemed to get along. Besides Christian’s superiority complex, he actually is fairly likeable and has never come off as reviled as others have in seasons past. The designers were looking to tweak their final designs for the judges on the morning of the show and Sweet P was extremely behind, as was Jillian, as the models entered for the fitting for the show.

Heidi greeted the designers for the final runway show and restated the challenge, an art inspired design, and congratulated them for getting this far and reminded them that two of them would be “auwt”. Heidi introduced the judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge, fashion designer, Roberto Cavalli. Chris’s design was first to roll out onto the runway, and it was very costume-like in its scope, but that was Chris. Christian’s was next, and it was as impressive as all his other designs and it was very classic and avant-garde looking and very, very sheik. Rami’s design truly had a Roman classic design feel, but, yes, similar to his past designs. Sweet P’s design was very colorful and truly had the inspirational colors from the painting that she had chosen but not very high-fashion. Jillian’s design looked like a Roman shield, in a way, a very sexy Roman shield and truly was beautiful.

Heidi and the judges talked to the designers and found Christian’s design very sheik and well crafted and Chris’s design slightly similar to past designs. The judges were truly blown away by Jillian’s design and Nina said that she was continually surprised by Jillian and guest judge, Roberto Cavalli, said he would be honored to have her on his staff. The judges were not so high on Sweet P’s dress and the judges slammed Rami because he picked another dress that was drapery in style.

Heidi called out the designers and announced that only three would make it to the Bryant Park fashion show. By the sentiments of the judges, it looked as Sweet P and Rami were probably doomed. Heidi announced that Christian won the challenge, which was not a surprise. Jillian was told she was in and announced that Sweet P was “auwt”, which was sad at this point in the competition. Heidi told Rami that he had been safe and Chris was much too predictable and then announced that Chris was “een”, making us believe that Rami was “auwt”. Heidi then informed Rami that he, too, was “een” but that he and Chris would have to have a “fashion-off” to make it to the final runway show in Bryant Park.

Next week is a designer get-together as the designers answer questions from the fans. Essentially, the show filler before the two-week finale to see who is crowned winner of Season 4.

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