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Celebrity Apprentice: “I’m Firing No One!”

February 14, 2008 10:20 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Boardroom-Celebrity-Apprentice-Courtesy-NBCTeam Hydra sits in the war room, wondering who might come out on topof last week’s board room elimination. Piers hopes that it’s not Omarosa, who he calls “One of the most venomous poisons I have encountered,a pointless, irrelevant, ghastly little creature” (but, Piers, how do you really feel?).

Omarosa shocks the teams by entering the board room, having survived another firing. She, however, is not surprised by her survival – claiming to be “always in control” of her team. Just as Piers is musing that Stephen is a “broken man,” and making noise that he, Piers, would never be caught dead working for Team Empresario alongside Omarosa, the phone rings. The Donald’s receptionist is on the other end – The Donald wants to see the teams in the board room ASAP.

The teams enter the board room and face The Donald, who reveals his newest plan – to totally rearrange the two teams in order to level the playing field. Team Empresario now consists of: Tito, Marilu, Trace, and Stephen. Team Hydra is now: Lennox, Carol, Omarosa, and Piers. “I’m not sure I can do this,” Piers warns.

The Donald then unveils the teams’ next task, which is to operate a horse and carriage business in New York’s Central Park. Each team is given three horses, with the instruction to charge “much more than” the current price of $34 per ride. The winner of this task will win $65,000 for the charity of their choice.

Trace takes on the role of Project Manager for Empresario, leading the team calmly and harmoniously. Piers is Hydra’s PM, and,well, let’s just say “harmoniously” would be the last word you’d use to describe their style. In the van on the way to the task, Piers attacks Omarosa for misspelling his name on a memo. When she wads up the piece of paper and throws it in his face, things get really ugly. “I’m gonna teach you about leadership, a**hole,” she yells. “You’re a disgusting little tramp and you’re off the show,” he retorts, firing Omarosa from the task before it even begins.

But Omarosa won’t go. She continues to try to work alongside Piers, all the while making accusations about his children, claiming that they hate him and that they’re “being raised by another man.” Piers, disgusted by her comments, refuses to let her be a part of the task. “I fired her and she’s still here like a bad smell,” he complains to Ivanka.

Luckily, Lennox, Piers, and Carol all still have big guns up their sleeves and are able to call in favors and collect major donations for their one-down team. Empresario once again brings in celebs – “Baldwin Brother Bomb,” Billy Baldwin, John Rich (of Big & Rich), and Tito’s girlfriend (who lays down $1,000 to get a carriage ride with sweetie Tito).

After an exhausting day for Team Hydra (and a totally enjoyable one for happy Team Empresario), the teams converge in the board room to face The Donald (hot pink tie). Piers and Omarosa immediately go at it, Piers claiming that Omarosa was completely out of line by bringing his family into the fight and that, as bad as things got between him and Vinny and him and Stephen, nobody ever brought things to a personal level like she has. While Omarosa claims that Piers is just angry because he’s “met his match,” he calls her a “piece of lowlife trash” and tells The Donald, “Either separate us or fire me!” The Donald responds that he hopes Team Hydra loses the task so the situation can be resolved.

SeemsHydra is unstoppable, however. They win the task (that’s $65,000 for Piers’ charity, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund), putting The Donald in a very awkward and difficult situation. He moves Omarosa to Team Empresario, and sends a very defeated-looking winning Team Hydra back to the war room.

The Donald is left with Project Manager Trace, who flat-out refuses to put any heads on the chopping block, because everyone on the team worked so hard and amicably on this task. The Donald fishes, but nobody’s biting. Everyone agrees: nobody should be fired from Team Empresario. Desperate, The Donald asks if anyone would be willing to resign, but nobody wants to go.

“This is the single hardest firing I’ve ever had,” The Donald complains, then in an abrupt switch adds, “I’m firing no one.” This is the first-timein Apprentice historythat everyone on a losing team has left the board room still in the game. He sends Marilu over to Team Hydra and sends the contestantson their way.

“They live to see another day,” he remarks to Ivanka after everyone has gone.

“They do indeed,” Ivanka agrees. “We’ll see what happens.”

Next on Celebrity Apprentice:

Piers picks on Lennox.

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Photo Courtesy: NBC

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