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Make Me A Supermodel: Acting Up

February 14, 2008 09:41 PM by Lisa Stauber

Bravo TVThis week, Katy, Frankie, and Ronnie were up for the vote, and America finally gave Katy the boot. Frankie and Ronnie are safe for another week.

Meanwhile, back at the loft, Jacki thinks Ronnie should be going home. “He’s 25. He’s old for a model,” she says.

For the first assignment, the models meet at the Bleeker Street Theater to be photographed by Jonathan Bookallil. The assignment: Telling a Story. The models are divided into groups of three and given a story to tell through pictures. First up are Jackie, Perry, and Ben, who will be modeling anger. Perry gets right into character, making personal remarks and insults until Jacki lets loose. She actually hits him a few times, and Ben puts his prison guard training to good use trying to break up the fight. It’s intense, but the pictures come out great.

Holly, Ronnie, and Frankie tell a story about jealousy. Ronnie whispers shocking sweet nothings in Holly’s ear as she flaunts her new love in front of a supposedly jealous Frankie. Frankie tries, and fails, to look heartbroken and hateful at the same time. Instead, he just looks depressed.

Stephanie, Shannon, and Casey also are telling a jealousy story. Shannon has stolen Stephanie’s boyfriend in the scene, but Stephanie doesn’t get too worked up over it. Everyone’s encouraging her to be angry, to yell, and to get even but all Stephanie manages is a half hearted tug of Shannon’s hair. Casey’s not very helpful, just laying underneath an enthusiastic Shannon.

“I thought Casey needed to bring more,” the photographer comments. His top picks? Perry, Shannon, and Holly.

The catwalk theme is assigned early, to give the models to work on their acts. They are paired up and given a theme. Jacki volunteers to go it alone, and everyone else finds a partner. Ben and Ronnie, of course, join up and are going to do rock and roll. Holly and Stephanie will have fun with their Heroes and Villains roles. Jacki is the loner, assigned, appropriately, Executive B,uh, Witch. Casey and Perry get High Society, and Shannon and Frankie are assigned the ever popular Hollywood Glamour.

Valentine’s Day comes early at the loft, and the boys go out to gather supplies for a meal. The models each get a surprise message from their loved ones back home – all except for Perry. He gets to call his girlfriend Amanda, who’s not entirely sure Perry’s been faithful. Perry plays her like a fiddle, reminding her it’s their one year anniversary and making her profess her love.

Meanwhile, Jackie does her best Jim Carrey impersonation, getting goofy in front of the mirror as she practices for her catwalk. I had no idea her face was so elastic!

It’s catwalk time. Frankie does his best pirate imitation in an homage to Errol Flynn while Shannon hits the runway in tophat and tails. Holly the Hero successfully vanquishes villainous Stephanie. Ben is low key, while Ronnie leaps over his head and sashays down the catwalk. Ben’s got immunity, though, so he can afford to take it down a notch to let Ronnie try to shine. Jacki’s walk is uneventful and forgettable.

The competition is tougher, and so are the judges. “I thought you were a little annoying on the catwalk,” judge Cory Bautista tells Stephanie. The judges all sigh over Frankie and Ronnie, wondering if they’ll ever show them a new look or just keep the same old walk. Niki wonders if Holly is tough enough to be a supermodel, but Jennifer Starr thinks she’s hungry enough to suck it up.

Niki is full of praise for the top three. “Holly, you were radiant.” Perry is praised for his passion and enthusiasm, even as the judges privately remind each other he is a player. Niki tells Shannon, “You showed us a rare combination of magnetism and subtlety.” She’s declared the winner. Jacki and Ben are also safe.

Stephanie, Frankie, Casey and Ronnie are left on the runway. Frankie is criticized for having only one look; Ronnie is told to bring other dimensions or he’ll be stuck as a catalog model. The judges determine that Casey has slightly more potential and send him off to safety. Now it’s our turn to vote. Go to www.bravotv.com and vote for the model you think will make the best supermodel.

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Photo courtesy Bravo TV.

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