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Survivor: Micronesia — Mary Gets The Boot

February 14, 2008 10:30 PM by Ryan Haidet

mary-survivor.jpgThe favorites returned to camp after voting out the most notorious villain in Survivor history — Jonny Fairplay.Sea-king Ozzy apparently caught a fish with his bare hands on the walk back to Malakal beach. Even though they lost one tribe mate, they gained a meal.

It’s Day 4 at Airai’s camp. Although they have been dubbed the “fans” it seems as if none of them have ever seen this show before as their camp is a mess. A lackluster shelter, no fire (even after winning flint), no food and people seemingly just standing around. Kathy didn’t feel that the team should be working on fire because she wanted a better shelter.She then noticed a cave at their beach and wanted to use it to sleep under. Jason told her, Chet and Tracy that they weren’t allowed to sleep there since they weren’t doing any work. The fans were divided three to seven. But a short while later, the three on the outs made a shelter for themselves, which actually impressed the others. Mikey B sparked better spirits after he got a fire started. Although they lost the first challenge, the favorites were in much better spirits. Love was in the air — literally. Ozzy admitted that Amanda was getting more and more attractive to him. Then Parvati and James started getting closer, too. At the fans camp, Mikey B and Mary were flirting. Joel noticed and seemed a bit concerned about it. Three showmances? What is going on in the Survivor world?Night 4 at Malakal, Ozzy and Amanda got comfortable with each other. Their sounds of “jungle love” woke up Cirie and Jonathan, who began discussing that the two couples could make a strong foursome. Cirie then became a member of an already madefour-way favorites alliance comprised of Jonathan, Eliza, Ami and Yau-Man.

At the challenge, which was for immunity, the fans were excited to see that Fairplay was the first booted from the game. Host Jeff Probst announced that each tribe had to select five swimmers, three puzzle makers and one key master. Each swimmer would go out to a platform, climb to the top and smash a tile getting a key. They would bring the key to the key master, who would open a puzzle-piece filled chest. Then the three puzzle people would put together a map of Micronesia. The first team to finish would not only win immunity, but take home fishing gear (fins, fishing boat, Hawaiian sling). The winning tribe would also be given the right to select one member of the losing tribe to go to Exile Island — yes, it’s back. Probst also promised another twist to be revealed after the challenge.

Ozzy and Jason were the first two opposing swimmers. Ozzy gained an early lead for Malakal. After Chet hit the swimming task for the fans, he couldn’t find the key, which put his tribe way behind. Joel was yelling at him to get out of the water because he was wasting time. Cook Islands favorite, Jonathan got the last key as James unlocked the chest so the remaining players could put together the puzzle. Eliza, Cirie and Yau-Man joined together quickly and victory was theirs. The favorites chose Kathy to go to Exile Island. But in a new twist, the favorites also had to choose one of their own to go as well. Quickly, Cirie was the one picked to go, leaving two players from opposing tribes searching for the single hidden immunity idol on the shores of the tiny island using the same clues.

Her first season was subtitled “Exile Island” but she never got to go. Cirie was now one of the first exiled along with Kathy as they reached the beach and read the first clue for the hidden idol. Clue #1: “To progress, further go back to the start. Where one has fallen, there still is a part. The thing which you covet, requires ascension. It’s hidden inside, if you pay attention.” They worked together, holding hands and looking for the idol. As they searched, a second clue was found. Clue #2: “Continue your quest by crossing the ocean. You’ve done it before, now repeat the motion. Into the forest where ‘O’ marks the spot. The next clue lay hidden where something is…” It became an island-hopping scavenger hunt from one clue to the next. Clue #3: “To unlock the secret of immunity, two legs rising out of the bed of the sea. The body still reaches the cliff on the shore, under one foot hides the next bit of lore.” They found a fourth clue and it took them back across the island.

Day 5 at Airai (fans), they prepared for Tribal Council. Erik was targeting Chet because of his struggle at the challenge. People seemed to agree, but in true Survivor style, minds started spinning and strategies were forming. Mikey B was throwing out ideas of splitting the vote, but Joel was confused by it. The morning of Day 6, Joel expressed his concerns that Mikey Bwas trying to run the show. It was known at camp that Mikey B and Mary (who hasn’t had any airtime and unknown to viewers) were close — so now they became the targets. The fans wanted to break up the two of them. Just in time for a downpour and moments before Tribal Council, Kathy returned from Exile Island and told that they are voting for Mary. She was understandably worried about it because she was on the outside just a day before with Chet and Tracy. Could those divided trust each other?

They made their first date with Probst at Tribal where Kathy was safe because she had found the idol (only good at the first trip to Tribal Council) on day one. Probst called out Chet saying that he was really slow at the challenge. And as usual, the editing shows on-top-of-it Probst as he hits the right questions on the head discovering the divide in Airai. Then the fans made their first trip to the voting urn to cast out one of their own.

After she was voted out and blindsided 6-4, Mary Sartain (possibly the most unfeatured contestant of all time) said, “I have no idea what happened. I’m just totally blindsided. Not even a clue that I was going to be going home tonight, so it kind of sucks being the first person to go off your tribe. But maybe they saw me getting too close to some individuals and making friends with others. I’m definitely rooting for the fans, they’re all very strong individuals and one of the fans will definitely win this Survivor.”

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