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Made Features Hockey, Snowboarding, Pageants, And Hip Hop

February 16, 2008 01:05 AM by Joe Reality

Made Courtesy MTV

Made is returning to MTV with four new back-to-back episodes with a wide variety of topics. The four Made episodes will feature young people going through life-changing journeys. From princess to ice hockey player, from bubbly blonde to snowboarder, from tomboy to pageant queen, and from nerd to hip hop dancer are the transformations that take place. The Made episodes will air on Saturday, February 16 from 10 AM to 2 PM ET/PT.

These four episodes are entitled “MADE: Ice Hockey”, “MADE: Snowboarder”, “MADE: Pageant Queen”, and “MADE: Hip Hop Dancer”. ”

Made: Ice Hockey tells the story of Samantha Bradley. Samantha has been pampered all her life, but she wants to face her fear of sports. Samantha will be made into an ice hockey player, and she will play with a girl’s hockey team.

Made: Snowboarder tells the story of Tara Weldon. Tara is a bubbly blonde whowants to show her family and school friends that she’s not a ditzy girly girl. Tara will be made into a hardcore snowboarder. Professional snowboarder Jesse Csinsack will train Tara over the course of six weeks. After training, Tara will compete in a real snowboarding competition.

Made: Pageant Queen tells the story of Kelly Ortiz. Kelly is a tomboy, but she wants to go from being just one of the guys to being more girly. Kelly will be made into a pageant queen. Coach Jacqueline Bradley will train Kelly over the course of six weeks.

Made: Hip Hop Dancer tells the story of Hallie Willm. Hallie is nerdy girlwho is tired of being overlooked for the athletic girls in her school. Hallie will be made into a hip hop dancer. After learning to be a hip hop dancer, Hallie will compete in her school’s talent show.

Photo Credit: MTV

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One Response to “Made Features Hockey, Snowboarding, Pageants, And Hip Hop”

  1. dedmousie Says:
    February 18th, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    The “Hip Hop Dancer” episode that aired on Feb. 16 was mostly shot in and around the Columbia City Jazz Dance Co. and School. I was there most of the time documenting the shoot for the school. I’m slowly putting up a photo diary of behind the scenes stuff not seen on the episode in question here:

    In addition, I’ll have parts of a diary that “Ms. Dale”, one of the dance teachers that worked directly with Hallie, kept during the process.

    Check it out!


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