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Big Brother 9: Allison Cries, Rumors Fly And Nominations, Oh My!

February 17, 2008 07:21 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-allison-cast-photo-resized.jpgA lot has happened in the Big Brother house since Amanda and Alex were crowned the first-ever couple Head Of Household in last week’s episode. After a dud of an HOH competition, the teams came back in the house to see the Memory Wall with their pictures all on display. Jen said, “I am the first one on the wall, hint hint. … I’m gonna win.” That was a comment that the housemates didn’t respond well to. James told her partner Parker that she needs to lighten up with her cocky comments, which he did. She apologized and seemed really upset. This truly shows that there is nothing that bad to complain about in the house when everybody is upset over a seemingly harmless comment.

Allison, however, had bigger fish to fry. She was upset with the fact that she now is forced to align with Jen because outside of the house she’s dating her game partner, Ryan. Allison told him, “How am I expected for you to choose me over her?” In a move of strategy, she began trying to convince Ryan to turn against his real-life relationship because the game is about the person you are coupled with. Allison, all of a sudden became the breakout star of the episode. Parker and Jen agreed to tell the others that Ryan and Jen are dating before Allison could spill the beans. Parker told Matt and Alex in the HOH bedroom first. This irritated both of them that he held the secret for days. Then Amanda and Natalie were told, both blown away by the news. Then in a battle of words, Allison and Jen fought about telling the house. Allison was upset that she had kept the secret they asked her to protect when they went running their mouths. Just moments before the stand off, Allison confided in Sheila that she had a secret but wouldn’t break her word and was therefore unable to tell her what it was.

Allison told Joshuah and Neil outside by the pool about Ryan and Jen’s relationship and everybody decided they should call a meeting on the issue. Each houseguest passed a Bible around swearing that they didn’t know anybody in the house.

Moments later, a new alliance was formed between Matt and Alex who then asked their partners if they could make this a four-way pact. They all agreed, but said they need to win HOH every other week so nobody else gets power to put them out of the house — can anybody say, “highly unlikely?” Then in an unlikely move, the most negative member of the house thus far — Sheila — was giving Allison advice on how things will get better. In reaction to the couple of Ryan and Jen being announced, Sheila and Allison cooked up a plan to tell the house they were a lesbian couple. They told Joshuah their little lie first and he bought it hook, line and sinker. He ran to tell his “boyfriend” Neil the news. Then as Sheila was talking to Parker near the hammock about her issues with Adam, the pot was stirred when Matt and Alex, who were listening to her complain, told her that he isn’t that bad of a guy. To protect himself, Adam asked his game partner what he did that was so wrong. This turned into another blow up as Sheila stormed off into the house sobbing.

The episode finished with the nomination ceremony. Each team pulled their keys to see who was safe leaving Amanda and Alex’s choice for nominations: Jen and Parker along with Ryan and Allison. Nobody seemed too surprised with the exception of the couples. But nothing is set in stone yet as the veto competition awaits.

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