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RTV Predicts: Our Writers Call the Week Ahead

February 17, 2008 10:12 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Piers-Morgan-Courtesy-NBCWhether they’re singing, dancing, selling, or surviving, America is watching and talking. Whose designs will impress at Bryant Park? Who will form an island alliance? Who will gain weight this week? Who will be fired? We’ve asked our writers, who’ve been watching all of your favorite shows faithfully, for their predictions about the week ahead. Here’s what they had to say:

Joe, on American Idol:

1. At least one of the mystery top twenty-four semifinalists, whose auditions were not aired, will have a breakout performance. American Idol fans will rally around this contestant as an underdog favorite, because he or she received little previous screen time.

2. Simon Cowell will use the word “dreadful” or “karaoke” in describing at least half of the top twenty-four performances.

3. Paula Abdul will get weepy eyed during at least one of the guys performances and she will stand up and yell “touchdown” after at least one of the girls performances.

4. The judges will empathize with Carly Smithson over the tough week she’s had in the press, but her previous record deal with MCA will not be specifically mentioned. Performance-wise Carly will do great, and she will make it to the next round.

Jen, on Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann:

No matter which team wins the War, we’re promised some dance routines (and revealing outfits) that will wow this week.

Bruno will come out cocky and ready to put down Team Carrie Ann’s “lack of” dance skill and call their routine “gimmicky.” Carrie Ann will cry when she talks about how great her team really is (and Elizabeth will cry right along with her).

In the end, Bruno’s team will win — although it’ll be a close call as both teams are incredibly talented and fun to watch.

Jen, on The Biggest Loser Couples:

My, my, my, the men have lost again?! Well, I don’t think that losing streak will last much longer. We know that the teams will go home and that someone will succumb to the pressure to eat (and will also ignore his or her trainer while away from campus). But I think that someone will be Paul, whose zest for life will probably be more than he can resist in the celebratory feeling of homecoming (plus, he’ll be missing Kelly something fierce).

My prediction is that Team Black will find themselves in the Elimination Room this week and that Paul will be sent home.

Jen, on Celebrity Apprentice:

Can Piers keep battling EVERYONE and still stay in the game? That’s the real question this week. Personally, I think The Donald likes Piers’ arrogant, no-nonsense attitude, and that’s what’s kept Piers from being called on the carpet by the big guy. But eventually even The Donald will have to face the fact that Piers doesn’t play well with others. Will it be enough to send him home? Not this week.

Okay, we all want to see Empresario win, if for no other reason than we want to see poor Marilu finally pull off a victory. And I think maybe this will be their week. But who will go home from Hydra if Empresario wins? I’m betting Lennox, who is so easy he’s easy prey…for Piers.

Check back with Reality TV Magazine throughout the week for recaps of your favorite shows and to see how our predictions hold up.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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