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Who Will Win Dance War?

February 17, 2008 12:00 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Drew-Lachey-Courtesy-ABCWeeks upon weeks ofdancing through nerves. Hours upon hoursof intensestudio training. Working, dancing, even when sleepy, hungry, emotional, or frustrated. It all comes down to this for Team Bruno and Team Carrie Ann. In this week’s finale episode we will find out which team will win the War and be awarded the Hollywood Records contract.

The episode will begin with Drew Lachey singing the opening number, and theeliminated contestants coming back to cheer on their former teammates as they perform one last original number. America’s votes will be revealed and a winner announced.

So who will win the War? It’s unusual for America to be presented with a reality TV voting choice for which there really is no clear-cut winner. Each team is incredibly talented and the contest really could (very fairly) go either way. But someone must be crowned victor. Will it be…:

Team Carrie Ann (Qis, Bradley, Chris, Elizabeth, and Mariel):

For a while there it looked like this team was unstoppable. With formally-trained dancers Bradley and Allysa andprimo vocalist Mariel they turned outperformances thatsquashed Team Bruno time and time again.

Carrie Ann is a gambler, however, her artistic visioncausing her to lead her team to “riskier” numbers such as Big Black Horse…for a country number and the sultry yet somewhat dull INeed to Know for Latin Week.While still amazing performances, they might hold her back with an audience who just wantshigh-energy action.

Who willsave this team? Qis (as long as they keep himbare-chested and out front) and Elizabeth (who is not the strongest talent on the team, but is so cute you can’t help go withwhatever she’s doing anyway).

Team Bruno (Zack, Phillip, Kelsey, and Lacey):

Bruno Tonioli has “taken more punches than Rocky,” he told Drew Lachey last week. But still he comes back swinging and hisgroup has managed to rally and finally pick off a member of Team Carrie Ann.

When it comes to flat-outperformin’ skillz, Team Bruno has it.Overall, the teamis better at both singing and dancing, and Bruno’s a stickler for tradition, which is quite possibly what saved their bumslast week.

Bruno seems to have cracked the mystery of what thisteam was missing — he coaxed a sexier version of Kelsey out for These Boots…on Country Week and helped Zack tap into his sex appeal (andhow!)last week for Latin Week.With the amazing chemistry this team has seemed to have found,they’re going to be tough to beat. They turned out twoterrific performances lastweek that could very well take them to the top.

Believe it or not, declaring a winner won’t be the only exciting announcement happening on this week’s episode. ABC will also be making a live announcement of who will be the cast of the season 6 Dancing With the Stars, in a special edition of Kenny Mayne’s Dance Center. Mayne will join up with fellow season 2 contestants Jerry Rice and Lisa Rinna to reveal which 12 celebs willbe dancing across our TV screens come the March 17th premiere.

Catch the Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann season finale on Monday, February 18, 8:00 PM (ET) on ABC.

Dancing with the Stars 6 premieres Monday, March 17, 8:00 PM (ET) on ABC.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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