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Team Bruno Wins Dance War

February 18, 2008 09:34 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Team-Bruno-Courtesy-RealityTVMagazineFor nine singers and dancers, it all comes down to tonight. Zack, Kelsey, Lacey, Phillip, Bradley, Chris, Qis, Mariel, and Elizabeth — otherwise known as Team Bruno and Team Carrie Ann — have been working tirelessly for weeks just to get to tonight, the season finale of Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. They’ve all been spending tireless hours in the studio and survived the emotional ups and downs that come with live competition, just for a shot at being crowned America’s next “super group,” and being awarded the recording contract with Hollywood Records.

We spend the first several minutes of tonight’s season finale episode reliving the contestants’ journey to the stage. We get to remember Chris’smicrophone mishaps andmalfunctions, Bruno’s indignation when Carrie Ann calls his team a “chorus,” and Bruno’s accusation that Team Carrie Ann is “gimmicky” and relies on props such as a Pavarotti handkerchief.

Soon it’s time for the dancers to do their thing. And for host Drew Lachey to do his. Dudded up in a dapper tux, Drew takes lead in singing Steppin’ Out, backed up by the contestants. Drew even does a little dancing himself, which is oddly impressive, and the number is entertaining enough. At the end, just as Drew and the gang have the audience whipped into a frenzy, he brings out Bruno and Carrie Ann, who are both excited to get down to finale business, Bruno promising that his team will do their “best to entertain you.”

We catch up, via video,with Team Bruno, just on the heels of their first win over Carrie Ann’s team. They celebrate with a pool party, but too soon are back in rehearsal. Bruno is extra-critical of them this week, not giving them any leeway for mistakes in their performance. While he says the team he now sees before him is exactly the team he’d envisioned when the show began, Zack hints that Bruno is expecting them to outdo themselves this week. They hit the stage with a ramped-up version of These Boots are Made for Walking, and man if they don’t do an even better job of it than last time. Kelsey is gorgeous in those Daisy Dukes and Zack makes sexy cowboy an art form. Bruno says, “This is blossoming!” and calls Zack “one of the most gifted persons” he’s ever worked with. Carrie Ann calls the performance “fantastic” and tells Kelsey, “Jessica Simpson ain’t got nothin’ on you, girl!”

Next we get some behind-the-scenes time with Team Carrie Ann, still reeling from their loss of Allysa. Even effervescent Bradley seems subdued. But the team is going to work hard in the studio, if for no other reason than Bradley’s family is coming in to watch tonight’s performance. The group chooses to give an encore performance of Papa was a Rolling Stone, and once again Mariel proves herself to have THE bestvocals of both teams combined. Carrie Ann says that the team, which had been “raw” when they first got together, has come together as an amazing team. Bruno calls the performance “more entertaining and engaging than ever.”

Oddly, the announcement of the Dance War winner isn’t the only exciting thing happening in tonight’s performance. Scattered throughout the program is Kenny Mayne’s Dance Center, where Kenny, Jerry Rice, and Lisa Rinna are announcing the 12 new cast members of the upcoming Dancing with the Stars 6. Check out Reality TV Magazine’s report of the announcement here.

To give Dance War’s winner the best shot at hitting the ground running, Dance War has given each of the teams original songs. This week the teams have gone to the recording studio to lay down the tracks, and tonight they givedebut performances of their new singles. First up is Team Bruno, whose song “Falling in Love” is totally catchy. Team Carrie Ann’s song, Come with Me, has tons of radio potential, but strangely didn’t give the vocal punch you’d expect. The choreography, though, dawg, was H-O-T!

Finally the time has come to announce the winner of Dance War. Eliminated contestants, Tony, Charity, and Allysa are standing by to root their teams to victory (Charity claims she watches “at home like a proud mom!”). Drew gathers up the teams on stage and announces…the winner of Dance War is…Team…BRUNO!

Team Carrie Ann looks crestfallen. Carrie Ann burrows into her contestants’ arms and then turns a triumphant face to Drew, saying how proud she is of her team (and she looks genuinely proud, too).

Team Bruno is barely-controlled mayhem. Bruno wraps the contestants in a group hug, then clasps his hands together and thanks the audience (and us) repeatedly. “I’m so delighted I’m at a loss for words,” he says. He and his contestants get mobbed by fans in a cloud of celebratory confetti.

Reality TV Magazine is your source of Dance War news. For other great reality TV news, please feel free to visit SirLinksALot: Dance War.

Photo Courtesy: Reality TV Magazine

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2 Responses to “Team Bruno Wins Dance War”

  1. barryp2 Says:
    February 18th, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Team Bruno? What a joke!

  2. marpad2004 Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    We haven’t heard the future of this fantastic team, or what will happen with Carrie Ann’s team. Once the show was over, it was like it was useless, because what are they doing?


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