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American Idol Missing: Carly Smithson Not Among Top Twelve Girls

February 19, 2008 09:41 PM by Joe Reality

American Idol Eleven Girls

The previous recording experience of Carly Smithson has been the most controversial story so far of American Idol 7. Even though American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe has gone on record saying that having a previous record deal is not against the rules of the competition, the fact that Carly had a record put out by a major label has become a huge media story.

Now, American Idol fans are buzzing about Carly Smithson for a different reason. During the intro to the American Idol top twelve boys’ performance show, Seacrest pointed out the top twelve girls in the audience. The only problem is that there weren’t twelve girls. There were only eleven girls.

The missing girl was none other than Carly Smithson. Rumors are already starting to circulate on where the missing Carly might be. The obvious rumor is that she was disqualified for some reason or even quit over all the controversy over her previous record deal. Another rumor is that she might simply have been sick and couldn’t make the boys’ performance show. However, if Carly was sick, then why didn’t Ryan Seacrest explain why she wasn’t there? Surely, American Idol producers would know that no explanation would lead to rumors.

Near the end of the show, the top twelve girls were shown again. However, now there were only ten girls. Carly Smithson was still gone, but Kristy Lee Cook was now also nowhere to be seen. Of course, a preview for the girls’ performance show showed all of the top twelve girls dancing, which would seem to support that none of them have quit or been disqualified.

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