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BB 9: Natalie/Matt, Dizzy Veto Winners, Keep Nominations Intact

February 19, 2008 10:13 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-natalie-cast-photo-resized.jpgThe first teams nominated for eviction revealed last episode were Parker/Jen and Ryan/Allison. The interesting thing here is that two nominees are dating outside the house in real life (Jen and Ryan). This means that if one doesn’t win the Power of Veto, the game will go on with half of the couple intact. Ryan told Allison he was committed to her since this was a game. HOH member Amanda told Jen that they really wanted Ryan gone. So she realized that she had to look out for herself and was prepared to battle her lover to ensure his eviction. Then in a shocking event, Big Brother pulled Joshuah into the Diary Room to tell him that his partner Neil was being removed from the game because of a personal emergency. With no explanation, Neil was gone. To replace his lost teammate he was allowed to choose either Jacob or Sharon (the first couple ousted) to return as his partner. Sharon entered the house moments later. Upon her arrival, she was told the news and blown away that Ryan and Jen were dating.Amanda started flirting with Parker asking for a massage. It seemed a new bond was forming and they were growing close. Also showing more of their romantic emotions were the couple Ryan and Jen who snuck off to a bathroom so they could have sex. Not so secret because Parker could hear it all.

In the last episode Allison and Sheila made up a lie that they were also a lesbian couple outside of the house. James learned of the new pseudo couple and instantly became suspicious that there were more. After doing his own investigations of the house, he saw a small cube-like thing in a hamster cage that had four different colors making James believe there was at least one more secret couple. Let the paranoia begin!

After a discussion outside, James had Alex convinced that his own partner, Amanda, was in a relationship with Parker. Allison and Sheila’s little lie stirred up a lot of trouble. Word got to Parker and Amanda who brought the battle to the rest of the house leaving several people divided. Amanda realized she was stuck in a love triangle between her partner and Parker.

bb9-matt-cast-photo-resized.jpgThe first Power of Veto competition was set to begin with only four couples playing: The Heads of Household, the two nominated couples and one other selected by random draw (Natalie/Matt). Joshuah put on a carnivall barker’s outfit to host the game. One player would be placed on a spinning heart, that person forced to hold a button down for the duration. The first couple to complete 300 revolutions would win, but if the button was released, they would be eliminated. The first team out wasAllison and Ryan after she released her button. Amanda was the next to go since she let go of the button, which she admitted in private in the Diary Room that she had done it on purpose. In a dizzy contest, Natalie and Matt claimed victory. Buddies Parker (a nominee) and Matt (a veto winner) were strategizing and Parker was convinced he was being removed from the chopping block.

At the Veto Ceremony, both nominated couples plead their case to no avail since Natalie and Matt decided not to use the power, which would have pulled one of the teams off the chopping block. With that decision, the real-life couple of Ryan and Jen would be split upon one team’s departure in the first live eviction to be seen in the next episode.

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