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Biggest Loser Couples: Paul is Voted Out

February 19, 2008 09:18 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Paul-Biggest-Loser-Couples-Courtesy-NBCAt the end of last week’s elimination, host Alison Sweeney had gathered both teams around the elimination table to deliver some news. Tonight shefinished the big announcement: “You’re going to the place that could prevent you from losing the weight you need to lose to reach your goals. You’re going home.”

After 58 days on the ranch, this news is received as both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it will feel great for the homesick contestants to see their loved ones. On the other hand, there will be so much temptation to defy!

Jay, whose 4-pound loss cost the Blue Team an elimination (Trent), feels that this homecoming is just what he needs to re-focus and re-energize. For others whose weight loss still feels too tentative, such as Kelly: “It’s scary as hell.”

The contestants travel to their hometowns and meet up with their families, who are awaiting their arrival with tears, cheers, and…food. Right away the temptation begins as the contestants discover that their party fare not only offers fresh veggies, but cupcakes and doughnuts as well.And that will be just the beginning of the temptations for the players. All week long, friends and families drag their home-again Losers to restaurants, bars, and parties.

Most everyone resists the urge to binge. Mark, who is all about the program, throws away all of the sweets in the house, refusing to allow his kids to eat the junk that made him fat. He works out like crazy and sparks fly when he tries to control his brother and Loser-mate Jay’s workouts while at home as well.

Roger finds himself in the gym with an imaginary “mini-Bob” on his shoulder, telling him to work harder, go farther.

Brittany’s friends take her out for drinks — but she sticks with water (although, once back at the ranch she will confess to Jillian that she ate a piece of pizza and a chocolate chip cookie while at home).

Bernie, whose favorite bakery has named a cupcake after him — “Bernie’s Boston Cream Pie Cupcake” — weathers temptation beautifully, as does Maggie, who meets up with old Loser-pal Jenn and Jenn’s personal trainer for a workout. And Dan’s mom, the double-crossed-and-ousted Jackie, takes Dan to the gym for a workout.

And then there’s Paul.

Paul who ate chicken wings. Paul who drank giant sodas. Paul who hung out in the hot tub and ignored Jillian’s phone calls. When Paul gets back to the ranch, Jillian is livid at his behavior and worries that his weigh-in results will be “tragic.” “I think we need to go to the gym before I have a nervous breakdown,” she says.

The contestants come back to campus and back to work. They gather with Alison to find their next challenge. First, Alison gives Paul his reward for being last week’s Biggest Loser Player of the Week: a lifetime membership to 24 Hour Fitness (Dang! That’s a good one!). The teams are then placed in front of spinning beams. As the beams come around, the players will alternately have to duck and jump over the beam without breaking it. The winner of the challenge will get to choose two members of the opposing team to weigh in immediately after the challenge (24 hours earlier than everyone else).

Although Roger tries to cut a deal with Team Black, offering a “draw,” where all players agree to break their beams at once, Brittany won’t take it. Turns out to be a smart move on her part for two reasons. One, Dan tells her that the Blue Team was going to trick them, anyway, and not break their beam as promised. And, two, Brittany wins the challenge. She sends Dan and Roger to be weighed early.

The teams gather for their weigh-in, and Alison reveals that Dan’s and Roger’s early weigh-in had already netted Team Blue a 27-pound loss (Go guys!). Mark and Jay put up huge numbers as well (-13 and -16, respectively), putting Team Blue at a huge advantage. The Black Team needed to lose a combined 60 pounds for the win.

It isn’teven close. Although everyone loses this week,nobody on Team Black puts up great numbers. They lose the weigh-in and will be sent to the Elimination Room.

Paul must know it’s his time to go. He comes to Elimination with his yellow shirt showing out from under his Team Black gear. When asked about it, he starts a stink about him and Kelly being separated from the others on Team Black because of the friendship of Maggie, Bernie, and Brittany. Brittany takes offense at Paul’s suggestions that they’re not a united team, but it doesn’t matter anyway. They vote Paul out.

Paul hugs Kelly goodbye, then grumbles, “Y’all take care of her or I’m gonna be searchin’ y’all out!” to the others as he leaves.

Although Paul contracted double pneumonia after leaving campus and gained six pounds while in the hospital, today he’s back on track and committed to his weight loss goals. With a total weight loss of 64 pounds under his belt, he boasts, “I’ve done way over and above what I thought I could accomplish.”

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Photo Courtesy: NBC

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