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BB 9: Anger Explosions, Nasty Comments, Jen/Parker Eliminated

February 20, 2008 08:16 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-jen-cast-photo-resized.jpgAs viewers re-enter the house, it was a whirlwind on the way to what host Julie Chen previewed as the biggest fight in Big Brother history. The houseguests were frustrated with Amanda’s gossip. Word got around to Chelsia about Amanda discussing targets saying that James and Chelsia would target herself/Alex and Natalie/Matt. It was about to get heated and what a more appropriate place than a hot tub. Chelsia called Amanda out and the blow up began.

It looked like Joshuah couldn’t take it any more, so he started fighting with Amanda calling her a horseface and she was too ugly to smack. Everybody turned against Amanda. After Joshuah sarcastically said that Amanda never seems to do anything wrong and she deserves a halo, Chelsia replied with a comment that a noose would be more appropriate. But then it got ugly. In a previous episode Amanda revealed that her father had killed himself. Joshuah may have crossed the line when he said the noose could be given to her just like her dad. Now it seemed that people who were on his side had turned against him. Amanda was very upset and sobbed, which brought people back on her side.Two nominees on opposing teams involve the real-life couple of Jen and Ryan. One campaigned against the other with Jen bad mouthing her boyfriend telling others he is a racist. Sheila admitted to Ryan what Jen had said about him. Obviously upset about the comment, he confronted her. Jen went back in, and argued her case with Sheila claiming that she never made the racist comment. Cue the clip where she called him a racist. Thanks Big Brother. Jen = guilty of the accused offense. Amazing what a short few days will do. Just last episode the couple snuck into the bathroom to have sex, now Ryan couldn’t even look his girlfriend comfortably in the eyes.

Chen brought the show live and went into the house asking Jen and Ryan what they wanted to say to each other. They both said that no matter what happened and who was evicted, they still love each other. Well, that’s a good thing considering upon eviction that they will be separated for nearly three months. Up in the HOH room, Amanda told Chen that she had forgiven those she had fought with earlier.

bb9-parker-cast-photo-resized.jpgThe votes were read in the first official eviction. By a vote of three to one, Jen and Parker were evicted from the Big Brother house. Just last week they held all the power as they were given the right to solely evict one couple. Now they were snatching their bags and leaving the game. As usual, the color was instantly drained from their photos on the Memory Wall only leaving a black and white image of the players of the recent past.

After the two were evicted, the HOH competition began. Asked a series of six questions, they were told to answer each with the response the way the majority of the house would. The twist, whichever the majority says comes true in the Big Brother house. From the first question, since most people would not want to give up hot water, for the next 72 hours there is no hot water. Also resulting from this game, the women have to wear bathing suits for the next 24 hours, they have no drinking cups for a week, get a margarita party, the women cooking dinner for the week and for two weeks there are no washing machines. But the biggest part of it all — the team of James and Chelsia were crowned as the winners of HOH after a perfect score.

Who will they nominate? It will all be revealed on Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 9: Til Death Do You Part.

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