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Project Runway and The Designer Gabfest

February 20, 2008 09:56 PM by DA Southern

Project Runway JudgesSo, this is your “filler” episode of Project Runway, or as it is called, the calm before the fashion storm. The two-part episode that will crown the undeniable winner of Season 4 will take part in the next two weeks and this is the episode that will give us the fan favorite, and, you can bet, an emotional outburst or two, but probably not as bad as in previous seasons.

Heidi and Tim greeted the reunited designers, except for the final four, and they told the designers, and us, the way tonight’s episode would play out and Tim announced that a check for $10,000.00 for the fan favorite would be presented. Heidi asked how the designers had adjusted to their new found celebrity and even Simone, who was one of the first to leave, said she got recognized.

Most of the designers were thrilled to be a positive role model. Sweet P even said that actor, Jack Black, had seen her and had made it a point to come over to her and tell her that she was his favorite. Tim pointed out that Victorya had actually had a fashion show and, in her usual calm demeanor, she stated that it was a lot of work. I guess it went well for her, but we would never be able to tell with Victorya.

Heidi then asked the designers who they believed would be in the fashion show and Steven, in particular, pointed out Rami’s mad skills at draping. Heidi used that story as a bridge to get the final four out and first was everybody’s not-so-favorite, Christian. Jillian was second out and got a rousing cheer from the other designers and third out was “draping master”, as Heidi called him, Rami. Funny man Chris was last out and Tim showed a video about how the judges ended up having the last four as they were unable to cut anyone, leaving Rami and Chris in a fashion-off to go to Bryant Park.

Heidi then profiled Jack, our promising designer who had to leave early as a result of health concerns, Tim showed the events leading up to his leaving and Chris then coming back to the show. Jack said that he recuperated during a week in the hospital and had made the right decision. It certainly changed the Season 4 outcome as many believe that Jack would have made it to Bryant Park. When Heidi asked him if he would be back next season, he said he didn’t know.

Heidi then asked a question from a fan who wanted to know if Kevin was sure he wasn’t gay which had everybody laughing, even Victorya, well, she smiled a bit. Tim said that he wasn’t entirely convinced as to Kevin’s answer as Heidi showed footage of the season making a case for Kevin switching sides, even to the extent of Heidi calling one of his designs “too fruity”. Tim even said, “That if being on Project Runway doesn’t turn you gay, nothing will!”

Heidi then asked another fan question that someone needed to know who the designers assumed would win the fan favorite. Most everybody immediately pointed to Chris because he truly was one of the most consistently positive and funny designers that has ever been on the show. Heidi then said that she is asked a lot if the challenges are as grueling as they appear on TV which had all of the designers shaking their heads “yes”. Tim then showed the season out-takes of this Season 4 moon child, Elisa, and how she seemed to cope in her own little universe and some of her quirky little habits.

Heidi asked about the favorite challenges from the season and the weight loss challenge as well as the Avant Garde challenge seemed to be among the favorites. Tim then showed the season out-takes on how Ricky seemed to break down constantly during the challenges and cry and Ricky said that, “He didn’t want to cry like a woman.”

Tim then opened a Pandora’s box when he asked if anyone’s feelings were hurt. Carmen was upset that Sweet P had said that she was glad that Carmen had left and not her. Really, Carmen? It is a competition, you know. The other designer’s then comforted her and said that she was indeed missed. Of course, Tim then showed funny moments of Chris laughing, mostly at other’s misfortunes, to lighten the mood.

Michael Kors and Nina Garcia joined the festivities and immediately Tim got into the video that had the judges losing it during the spandex wrestling challenge. When one of the wrestlers came out and gave a sexy hip swagger, Kors lost it so bad that it literally had everybody laughing for the remainder of the challenge, which was conveniently edited out. More funny video from the wrestling challenge was shown, and it was a scream as each of the designers said what their wrestling name would have been. Clearly, that episode should have been two hours long as we, the viewer, certainly missed out on some very funny moments.

Heidi asked the designers who they thought was the toughest judge and many of the designers said that Heidi was tough. Nina was glad to have some of the heat off her this season as she said she had the nickname, “Meana Garzilla”. Nina explained that it was her job to judge harshly as it is her job in the fashion world and Michael Kors said that their jobs as judges was to make the designers the best they could be. Tim then showed some very funny Heidi moments that had Heidi’s signature sayings, hair styles and dresses and, of course, the designers making fun of her.

Tim then asked the judges about the worst of the season, which had all of the designers squirming because they did not want their dirty fashion-laundry aired on TV. Kors and Garcia said that the men’s challenge was the worst and that the hair challenge was the best challenge, and that it had some of the most spectacular designs.

Heidi asked Tim if he had any influence or consultation with the judges. Tim answered that he did not and Nina and Michael said that they did not want to know what was going on because they did not want it to sway their decisions. Heidi then opened it up to the designers for questions, and they were relatively quiet.

A question from a fan asked how Kevin was sent home during the prom challenge and Christian said that, he too, was afraid that it would be the end for him. Rami then said that these challenges were not easy and that if someone was interested in doing the show, they had to be passionate about their work. Victorya even said that it was very difficult to perform in the show environment, and that it was sometimes not a true reflection on their individual talent.

Heidi then announced that Christian was the winner of the fan favorite by a landslide, which was a shock…to me. Last Season’s winner, Michael Knight presented Christian with his $10,000.00 check and said that he was “fierce”. A funny montage of Christian saying “fierce” and, of course, his daily hair regiment, which never looked like he bothered with it.

Heidi ended the reunion show by asking the designers who they believed would win Season 4 and most had varied opinions of who would win. A lot of the designers thought that Rami might have the edge due to his experience and Christian seemed to garner the second most votes.

Next week we will see which designer between Rami and Chris would even get to show at Bryant Park, as well as Jillian’s and Christian’s prep work for the Bryant Park show.

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