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Wife Swap: The Glamazon vs. Colonel Mommy

February 20, 2008 09:31 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Wife-Swap-Courtesy-ABCWhen it comes to being a rocker glamazon, former Hooters girl Glori Blankenship is one proud mama! This sexy South Carolina rocker mom loves being her hubby’s arm candy and isn’t afraid to admit that being beautiful is her most important job, even if she’s had to have some augmentation to get that way. Glori’s husband Tim, who calls himself “The High Priest of the Church of the Poisoned Mind,” is a rocker who likes to party and loves having doting Glori wait on him hand and foot. Their 12-year old son, Justin, lives to play video games and complains that his mom dresses too provocatively.

In tonight’s episode of Wife Swap, Glori swaps lives with Maryland mom, retired Army Colonel Jill Phillips, who believes that hard work is the foundation of a good life. Jill runs a petting zoo, is a corporate executive, anda nurse practitioner. To this mom, structure is the underlying force of herteenagedtwin daughters’ lives, as they’re expected to meet high homework demands and a heavy chore list. Jill’s husband John, also a former military man, takes over the lion’s share of the housework, supporting his hardworking wife.

For Wife Swap, it’s a pretty mild night. Glori and John seem to coexist fairly peacefully. After Glori gets over the shock of having to take off all her makeup, that is. But she finds filling Jill’s software company and nurse practitioner shoes “fun,” although she could do with a little less poop-scooping at the petting zoo.

Jill, Justin, and Tim, however, are not such a happy little family. Justin finds Jill to be “boring, annoying, and very, very crappy.” Jill finds Glori’s chores to be…well, pretty much what Justin just said. She also finds Glori’s promotional model gig (involving skimpy clothes and jumping around on the side of the road), along with her service to hubby Tim to be “demeaning.”

After the first week, the wives get to change the rules. Glori asserts, “Real men allow women to serve them,” while over at the Blankenship house, Jill exclaims, “This house needs a commander!”

Jill’s first order of business is to get long-haired Tim a nice buzz-cut. But Tim refuses, cussing out the hairdresser and kicking him out of the house. Jill turns her sights to Justin then, getting rid of all of his video games. “You torturous spawn of Satan,” Justin growls at her, but she’s undeterred. She has Justin join a high school debate program, where he must debate why video games are good for kids. Meanwhile, she sends Tim to a sorority house, bare-chested and in leather, to clean. Then she takes them both to a petting zoo to scoop poop.

At the Phillips house, John tries to get used to being waited on by his new wife. Glori scores points with the girls by hiring some hot cowboy-types to take off their shirts and take over the girls’ chores at the petting zoo, and then takes the girls out to a busy street corner tocollect guys’ phone numbers, which doesn’t please John in the least. “That’s what prostitutes do,” he says. “That’s totally inappropriate.” But he barely gets a good rantgoing when daughter Marlena comes in and takes up for Glori,a move thatcompletely impresses Dad. Still, Glori doesn’t help matters by taking John to a biker bar and partying down, doing body shots with strange men and embarrassing him once again.

After the second week, the couples reunite and sit down together for a little chat. Right away Jill starts in on Glori, calling her clothing demeaning. John joins in, ratting out the biker-bar-body-shot incident, which angers Tim. He storms out on Glori, calling what she did a “graphic misrepresentation of what goes on between us.”

Eventually Tim comes back to the reunion and he sullenly agrees to start doing more around the house to help Glori.

Since the Swap, Tim and Justin help out more at the Blankenship house. Justin reads more and plays video games less, and now has an interest in debate.

The Phillips daughters have a little more freedom and are allowed to go out with their friends on the weekends.

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Photo Courtesy: ABC

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One Response to “Wife Swap: The Glamazon vs. Colonel Mommy”

  1. Tina128 Says:
    February 24th, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Oh goodness, what a funny episode? I wish they would have showed more of that HOTT, Tall, Dark, Handsome, Up and Coming Covermodel Calisto working on the Maryland farm. What a dream he is. In my eyes, he really stole the show, I am sure we will be seeing more of him in the future. WHAT A LOOKER!!!


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