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American Idol Results: First Four Contestants Eliminated

February 21, 2008 07:06 PM by Joe Reality

American Idol 7 First Four Eliminated

To kick off the first American Idol 7 results show, Ryan Seacrest exchanged witty banter with the judges. Paula Abdul attempted to subtly address the raging Carly Smithson controversy. Abdul said, “These kids are talented. It’s a savvy business. If they haven’t already tried to make a name for themselves, they don’t deserve to be in this competition.”

After a video segment set to music from former American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry, the American Idol top twenty-four performed a group song of melodies from the sixties. After a recap of the American Idol top twelve boys’ performance show, Seacrest called Garrett Haley to center stage. Seacrest said, “It’s tough to say goodbye to anybody tonight, and tonight I have to say goodbye to you.” Before leaving, Garrett gave a farewell performance of “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.”

After a recap of the American Idol top twelve girls’ performance show, Ryan Seacrest called Kristy Lee Cook to center stage. After telling Kristy that she was safe, Seacrest said, “The person leaving us tonight unfortunately is Amy Davis.” Before leaving, Amy gave a farewell performance of “Where The Boys Are.”

After an airing of Paula Abdul’s video “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,” Ryan Seacrest called Joanne Borgella and Amanda Overmyer to center stage. Seacrest said, “America voted, and Amanda you are safe. You’ll be back, which means Joanne leaves us tonight on American Idol.” Before leaving, Joanne Borgella gave a farewell performance of “I Say A Little Prayer.”

Ryan Seacrest called Chikezie and Colton Berry to center stage. Seacrest said, “It’s tough guys. One of you has to go. That person is Colton.” When Seacrest asked Simon Cowell for his feedback, Cowell said, “I would say get a good job, and seriously enjoy singing, because I don’t think you’ll make a successful career out of it.” Before leaving, Colton Berry gave a farewell performance of “Suspicious Minds.”

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