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Celebrity Apprentice: “It Hurts Me to Say This, but Marilu, You’re Fired!”

February 21, 2008 09:39 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Marilu-Henner-Courtesy-NBCOmarosa is positively bubbling over with excitement to be on the other side of the board room doors for a change, as we wrap up the elimination-that-never-was from last week. She reckons The Donald must “really, really” like her, since he sent her to the other team and away from Piers. Piers’ take on the move: “Replacing Omarosa with Marilu is like replacing the devil with Nelson Mandela.”

Everyone is giddy that The Donald had chosen to fire no one, and Piers celebrates by calling his friend at the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Piers has a brother who has just returned from war and so feels a personal connection with this particular charity. He tells his thrilled friend that he has $65,000 to donate, and then promises, “I’m going to try to win this thing and get you a load more.”

But it’s on with the game now, and The Donald (awesome baby blue tie) gathers the teams on a helipad to announce that he’ll be flying them to Pennsylvania, to the QVC headquarters, for their next challenge. Each team will have to choose a project, then write, produce, and direct a 10-minute live sales pitch for the product. The team who generates the most sales wins.

Team Empresario chooses Stephen to be the project manager for this task. They will be selling a sweeper and choose down-to-earth Trace to do the selling, alongside a QVC host. Omarosa pushes Stephen to script Trace’s pitch, but Stephen thinks it unnecessary, given that basically Trace could read the phone book and people would scramble to buy it (or at least I would — LOVE that guy’s voice!). Stephen also makes sure the team meets with a creative director, who tells them about QVC’s Easy Pay plan, allowing purchasers the opportunity to spread out the cost of the item over several weeks.

Over at Team Hydra, Marilu, who has worked for QVC before, seems a natural project manager for this task. The team chooses to sell a ladder and uses Marilu as their spokeswoman, alongside a QVC host. This team is carefully scripted and ready to hit the ground running (teammate Carol once worked for QVC for five years and so knows the ropes), seemingly with this task in the bag.

Donnie Jr. (yellow tie) drops in on the teams. He likes Empresario’s choice in spokesman, but thinks the team isn’t anywhere near as organized as Hydra. Yet…Marilu talks an awful lot, he thinks. Maybe…too much…?

The teams hit the set. Hydra puts Lennox in the booth, Piers in the control room, and Carol on the set directing. Marilu gives an exhaustingly energetic performance. The Donald (yellow tie that might or might not be the same yellow tie on Donnie Jr. earlier…which has me wondering if Donnie Jr. is wandering the corridors tieless right now…) and Ivanka watch from Trump Tower, commenting that Marilu has “great enthusiasm,” but…er…talks…too much.

When Hydra hits the set, Trace is nervous. Omarosa is on the set with him, while Tito runs the control room and Stephen mans the booth. Trace’s sales pitch is just like Trace — calm, engaging, endearing (I just want to put on something flannel and go chop wood with the guy). “He’s got a nice way about him,” The Donald comments, adding that Trace’s laid-back stylecomes across as confidence.

After the challenge, the teams head to the board room, where The Donald (still in yellow tie, but now Donnie Jr. is in a hot pink tie, which furthers mysuspicion that the yellow tie really was thesame one Donnie Jr. was wearing earlier and makes me wonderwhat sort of tie crisis happened to make one have to borrow the other’s tie…)starts asking questions. Piers is all about Marilu’s energy, while Stephen is all about how nice it was working with Omarosa. Donnie Jr. and Ivanka read off the numbers; Team Empresario wins the challenge. Celebrating, they head back to the war room to watch the board room festivities while sipping champagne.

Alone in the board room, Piers (who is surprisingly subdued tonight) refuses to blame Marilu for Hydra’s loss, citing that he loves a leader with passion. Piers makes a mistake by calling Lennox “Sleepy Boy,” which The Donald takes offense to, thinking the name-calling is insulting. Piers insists that he meant no insult by it — Lennox just didn’t participate much in the task because he was asleep through much of it. Piers also calls into question Carol’s assertion that she’s never heard of Easy Pay, even though she worked for QVC for 5 years, but Marilu’s got Carol’s back and lets her go from the board room, bringing back Piers and Lennox.

The Donald tells Marilu that he thinks she overdid her energy, and when she frantically tries to talk her way out of the spotlight he interrupts, “Stop talking so much! I think that’s why you lost — you talk too much!”

For a brief moment, The Donald does take theheat off of Marilu to point out that Piers is sweating. “I don’t want to be fired,” Piers explains.

But Piers isn’t in the hot seat forlong before The Donald turns his sights back on Marilu.

“It hurts me to say this, but Marilu,you’re fired…now get the hell outa here,” he says.

AfterMarilu leaves, he turns to Ivanka and says, “She’s a very high quality woman.”

In the taxi on the way out, Marilusays, “Mr. Trump is very sweet,” and says she feels like she’s part of the Trump family. Shecalls her experience on the show “a blast” and is proud of herselffor playing with energy and passion (Amen, Marilu!)

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Photo Courtesy: NBC

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  1. Bruce Profaizer Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    I am glad that the ‘celebs’ are doing something great for people all over the world. The charities are amazing.


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