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Make Me A Supermodel: Uncomfortable

February 21, 2008 09:55 PM by Lisa Stauber

Bravo TVIt’s time for another model to go home this week on Make Me A Supermodel. America has sent home another one of the girls, saving Ronnie and Frankie while getting rid of Stephanie.

Holly is pretty upset, despite Jacki’s mean digs. “I think it’s okay to make friends. It’s okay to be sad if they, like, left,” Holly says, and tears up when Stephanie doesn’t return. Holly’s sick this week, so we’ll chalk up the waterworks to feeling under the weather.

Cory arrives with stylist Anthony Barrow. “It’s week seven,” Cory announces. “Time for a trim.” Uh oh, Frankie, he’s talking to you! Frankie bravely ditches his Fabio ‘do, and ends up liking it. The other models just get a little off the top. Judge Cory Bautista is pleased that Frankie is open to change, because this episode is all about stepping outside of the comfort zone.

The photo assignment promises to push the models outside the box. They’re told to meet in an abandoned airfield early in the morning, and to dress warmly. Upon arriving, the contestants are confronted with a giant tank of water. Photographer Bill Diodato explains they’ll be taking underwater photos in extreme conditions. Another surprise awaits, as Niki introduces an extreme co-star: Lemony the albino python. “You’re paid to suck it up and get on with the shoot,” Niki tells the contestants, ever ready to give gentle, sisterly advice.

Casey finds a quiet spot to meditate. He’s deathly afraid of snakes, so he’s desperately trying to convince himself they are beautiful creatures and not man-eating beasts before it is his turn to take a dunk.

“Look as though you live in the tank,” Bill tells Frankie. Frankie takes his advice and gets a great photo. “Frankie’s body language was great,” Bill says. He’s not too pleased with Ben, though. “Nice try,” he finally says, after trying to get Ben to stop squinting. “You did your best.” Not exactly high praise!

Ronnie does better. “He was into it,” Bill says. Casey was a natural, despite visibly shaking when the snake approached him at first. Holly was sick and off her game. Jacki disappoints. Shannon, though, stands out as the worst. Finally the photographer has had it. “I don’t think you can do this,” he tells her, but manages to get one decent shot. The girls definitely struggled with this assignment!

The models gather for their catwalk assignment, and are given giant headpieces. They’re relieved, but not for long. Niki decides that simply wearing a headpiece is too easy, so she has arranged for a barnyard to come and visit. Yes, folks, this week it’s Make Me a Petting Zoo on Bravo!

Perry is assigned Elvis the pig, but poor Elvis is all shook up. Frightened by all the attention, he lets loose with his bowels on Perry’s arms and clothes. The animal handlers pull the piglet and Perry is stuck with Casey’s leftovers – a goat named Mary.

Holly handles her peacock beautifully, and redeems her poor showing at the tank. Casey and his goat have a smooth walk, and Jacki handles her trained poodle well. She’s got the easy pet but doesn’t use it to her advantage. Ben has to carry Jesse the goat, and he looks shocked? Scared? Like a prison guard? Whatever that expression is, it’s not what we want to see on a supermodel.

Frankie has just enough fun with his duck, Nigel, and Shannon manages her duck Lucy well. Ronnie’s stuck with a sheep, but finally manages a great walk. He’s relaxed and looking good. Perry’s turn with Mary the goat is atrocious. He finally resorts to a goofy little shuffle down the runway, after some arrogant grandstanding.

The judges select Casey, Frankie, and Ronnie as the best of the day. “You’ve really evolved,” Niki tells Frankie, and gives him winner status. Holly and Shannon barely miss the bottom three and are safe for another week.

Uh oh, Perry, looks like the judges are finally tired of your attitude. Ever last one of them has something to say about Perry, and they even pull some of the other models into the fray. “It’s like I’m in a dream,” Perry says, after being bludgeoned by the judges criticisms.

The judges also ask Ronnie who he thinks the bottom three should be, and he immediately chooses his BFF Ben. Ronnie, we think you’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight!

Niki has harsh words for Jacki as well. “We’re too far into this competition for mediocrity,” she says. She also states the obvious to Ben. “You were noticeably uncomfortable.”

The bottom three are Ben, Perry, and Jacki, and now it’s our turn to determine who will be made into a supermodel. Visit www.bravotv.com and vote now!

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Photo courtesy Bravo TV

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2 Responses to “Make Me A Supermodel: Uncomfortable”

  1. RobStamm Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    I’m beginning to feel a “little” sorry for the women (only 2 of which remain) on Make Me A SuperModel. It is quite apparent that women and gay men are, prodominantly, the majority viewing audience of this show. Hence, this gives the men a very unfair advantage. Anytime a woman is in the bottom three along with any men, she will most definately be going home. So keep on striving for your dreams should you get voted off pre-maturely. It may have more to do with your sexual demeanor, rather than your talent. I think all of you are beautiful and if I had the money, I would give all of you $100,000.00 and a modeling contract.

    Keep up the Good Work,
    and don’t be a ____ Ben!
    If you are going to be in this industry, you had better get used to gay men and learn how to co-exist with them.

    Edited per our guidelines. ~RTV

  2. RobStamm Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 8:51 pm


    With the comments you made towards Casey, you will definately loose the “gay” vote next time you are in the botteom 3. Your arrogance and gay-bashing may have lost you a fortune.

    Think Before you speak!


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