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Survivor: Micronesia — Yau-Man, Fiji Favorite Third Out

February 21, 2008 08:14 PM by Ryan Haidet

yau-man-survivor.jpgAt the Malakal (favorites) camp, the two couples (Ozzy and Amanda; Parvati and James) asked Eliza to come down and spend time with them at the fire. As soon as she sat down, strategy talk sparked and they told her they wanted to take out Yau-Man, Jonathan and Cirie. The favorites were divided into two sets of four (Ozzy/Amanda/Parvati/James and Yau-Man/Jonathan/Eliza/Ami) with one not choosing a side yet. Cirie wanted to weigh which side was better for her. It seems these returning players never stop strategizing, they never stop playing the game always with their eyes on the prize.

The next morning, both tribes got tree mail filled with war paint, each decorating their bodies before heading to the reward challenge. Each tribe also got a catalog of items where they would choose three things. This made up their reward. Whichever tribe won, would get exactly what they want. The fans chose shelter, lighting and survival kits with the favorites vying for a fishing kit, shelter and kitchen set. The battle was set to begin.

At the challenge, host Jeff Probst said that each tribe would start at opposite ends of a lagoon with three bags for each tribe. The goal, be the first to get a total of five of those six bags into their own endzone. This meant hand-to-hand combat was a necessity. Once it began and the teams were unleashed, people were tackled, tossed and beaten around. The highlight of the challenge, definitely when Erik knocked Eliza on the head with a bag. With 18 people trying to control six bags, the game was insane. The bags constantly switched hands and soon Jonathan of Cook Islands brought home the winning bag. After the favorites claimed their victory they chose Kathy of the opposing tribe to go to Exile Island also sending their own Ami.

After the challenge, Cirie of Malkal said that she didn’t feel confident in her place in the game like the others seemed to be. She went and sat in the water observing every option trying to make a plan B. She laughingly said if they want her vote, she should be carried on a chariot. Eliza and Jonathan stood on the beach watching Cirie talk to Amanda and Parvati. Those three made an agreement to be the final three. Eliza and Jonathan said they needed to reassure her.

When Ami and Kathy hit Exile Island, Ami found the clues that Kathy had already seen. Kathy, a fan, wasn’t feeling up to go island hopping looking for the hidden idol. That’s when a bad rain storm hit. The fans weren’t protected from it, while the favorites were completely covered and warm, protected from the elements. Day 8′s morning at Airai (fans) showed the beaten, waterlogged tribe in down spirits. They looked like walking zombies. What a way to go to an immunity challenge. Upon arriving at the third immunity challenge, both tribes had to choose two men and two women holding onto a very heavy rope net. The others shooting coconuts into the other rope net making it heavier to hold up. The goal, a simple one, the tribe that is able to hold the net the longest wins. As it began, Jonathan constantly teased each shooter as they went to net a coconut. Each tribe was struggling as more weight was piling into their nets. Although well rested, the favorites were beat by the tired, waterlogged fans.

When they got back to camp, the favorites started talking about who to take out. Yau-Man and Jonathan said they wanted Parvati out whereas the other four said they wanted to get Yau-Man or Eliza out. The young alliance told Cirie that they wanted Eliza out — Cirie shockingly argued to get Yau-Man out since he was a bigger threat. Jonathan approached this strategy session and everybody left. Around the fire with everybody listening, Jonathan told Cirie he never told her anything to doubt their alliance. They had a small spat and everybody seemed at odds in their groups. The two couples then called Cirie back over asking her to take out Eliza. She was disappointed and James noticed that Cirie, who was the swing vote, was suddenly trying to call the shots. Cirie wanted Yau-Man out badly.

They arrived at their second Tribal Council with the vote seemingly split between the camp with three people targeted: Eliza, Yau-Man and Parvati. Jonathan said that he felt some people were looking at getting threats out too early instead of trying to make the team as strong as possible. Cirie then started arguing her case after that comment saying that she didn’t trust Jonathan at all, bringing on another spat. Jonathan urged everybody to vote their conscience, to vote the way they feel will make the tribe stronger. He also accused Cirie of flopping on her alliance with him. When Jonathan voted for Parvati he said that she has signed her own death warrant by siding with Cirie.Cirie wrote Yau-Man’s name down sayingshe felt he had aligned with the biggest liar in the game.

After the votes were read, it was Fiji’s Yau-Man Chan getting the boot. The man who had made their fire was getting his snuffed out. He said, “No hard feelings, I had a great time. I was a very big target coming into this. By virtue of me doing so well in Fiji. I consider myself lucky. Many people want to get on Survivor once, I’ve been on twice. I wish I would have been in there longer. That’s the way this game is. It’s a very cruel game, but that’s the way it goes.” Two favorites and one fan have been knocked out of the game thus far.Reality TV Magazine is your source for Survivor Micronesianews. For other greatSurvivor news, please feel free to check out SirLinksALot: Survivor Micronesia.Photo Credit: CBS

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