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Biggest Loser Couples: Mark Bows Out for the Sake of the Team

February 26, 2008 09:28 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Biggest-Loser-Mark-Courtesy-NBCWith ex-hubby Paul gone, Kelly is feeling uneasy and sad. “I feel very vulnerable,” she complains. “I guess I don’t like being alone.” But Kelly’s really the only one bemoaning Paul’s absence. Brittany says she feels like Team Black will be stronger without him, while Team Blue is too busy gloating to even really notice that he’s gone. “We wiped the floor with the Black Team,” Roger boasts.

Team Black meets with Jillian for a discussion about the week ahead. The way Jillian figures it, the only way for Team Black to even have a chance of beating the big guys on Team Blue will be if each member of the black team takes off eight pounds this week.

Meanwhile, Jay, who was last week’s Biggest Loser of the Week, trudges to the top of the mountain to collect his prize, hoping for a “gameplay” envelope. What he finds instead are three envelopes with question marks on the fronts of them. Jay chooses one and opens it to find the words: “Vegas, Baby! Vegas!” He takes the envelope to Alison, who tells him that his whole team will be taking a trip to Vegas. Jay rushes to tell his teammates, who are completely stoked about the trip.

Right at the height of their celebration, Bob comes in. Looks like he isn’t exactly as pumped about the Vegas reward as the guys are. “I don’t like it,” he tells them. “If I could have my way in this situation, I’d be like this: ‘Thanks, but no thanks, I’m not going to Vegas.’”

It’s a tough week in the gym for everyone this week, as a worried Jillian feels her team needs that extra push to come out on top at the weigh-in, and a worried Bob believes the Vegas trip will be his team’s downfall. The guys decide to brag to Team Black about their Vegas win, and rub it in a little bit. But the black team takes the news in stride, cooking up a temptation plan for their opponents.

The guys hit the road and as soon as they get to their hotel,they hit the gym for a good workout – following Mark’s mantra of WWBD (What Would Bob Do?). Then they head up to their suite to find that Bob’s sent them some tizzight casino clothes (we’re talking blue suede shoes for Rog and a fedora for Jay…do I hear Sinatra in the background?). But just as they’re getting dressed, Team Black puts Operation Temptation in motion, ordering up a room service buffet of goodies for the blue team. Team Blue isn’t biting, though. They dump the food in the hall, untouched.

Although there’s so much fun to be had in Vegas, Mark & Jay call it a night early, so they can get their rest and hit the gym first thing in the morning. Party animals Dan and Roger, however, decide to make it a late night,er, I mean, early morning, and don’t arrive back in the suite until after 6:00 AM. Nearly three hours later, after they’re done working out, Mark & Jay decide to wake up slackers Dan and Roger to find that Roger’s ticked that they didn’t wake him for the early workout and Dan’s ticked that they woke him too soon.

After a little squabbling, they head out for their last hurrah – matching tats! The foursome decide to each get a “Pride” tattoo, as a way to remember their belonging in Team “Pride.”

Back at the ranch, it’s challenge time. The teams meet up to square off on an obstacle course. It’s a gimmee for Team Blue, as it’s pretty much all about strength, with the teams having to flip tractor tires, haul sandbags, and army-crawl while pushing medicine balls, all before a foot race to the finish. Team Blue smokes Team Black and wins the prize – all-expenses-paid trips for two for each member of the team to Puerto Rico. “The black team lost because they’re obviously a much weaker team,” Dan crows.

After a grueling Last Chance Workout, the teams gather for a weigh-in. Team Black goes first, putting up an impressive 30-pound combined loss (Bernie is the Biggest Loser of the Week). Team Blue puts up a weak 23-pound loss, mostly because of Mark’s unexplainable tiny 1-pound loss. Team Blue will go to the Elimination Room; Dan is immune.

The hour between weigh-in and elimination is a rough one for the guys. Roger, remembering Mark’s vow to bow out “when the time is right,” pushes Mark to live up to his word. Mark, not wanting to leave brother Jay behind, resists Roger’s insistence that he go. It gets ugly between the two of them, with Roger storming off and Mark breaking down in tears in private with his brother. “It’s killing me,” he cries. “I hate leaving Jay.” After some soul-searching, however, Mark decides that Roger is right and it’s time for him to leave. He gathers the team together and, through thick tears, says to Roger, “If I go, you take care of my brother like he’s your brother.” He then asks the team to vote for him.

It’s an emotional elimination like I’ve never seen before, with even Alison looking near tears, as the team unanimously votes off Mark.

“I know you guys are going to make him proud,” Alison tells the team as Mark leaves.

“I feel better than I can remember ever feeling in my life and I’m going to win that Biggest Loser prize,” Mark says. “I’m just anxious to get back to life.”

Today, Mark has lost an incredible 90 pounds and looks like a new man. He says he feels like he felt when he graduated high school (you go, Mark!).

Next on Biggest Loser Couples:A challenge that takes the Losers to new heights.

Alison announces that there are no more teams.

Someone reaches a 100-pound loss (yeah, baby!)

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Photo Courtesy: NBC

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