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American Idol Top 10 Girls Performances: Brooke White Steals The Show

February 27, 2008 07:44 PM by Joe Reality

Brooke White

The theme for the American Idol 7 top 10 female semifinalists performance show was classic songs from the seventies. Ryan Seacrest quizzed the judges before the performances kicked off. Seacrest asked Randy Jackson about the importance of song choice, and Randy replied, “You’ve got to know what you sing best.” Seacrest asked Paula Abdul about her thoughts on the boys performance show, and Paula replied, “Pretty fantastic.” Seacrest asked Simon Cowell about his comment after David Archuleta’s performance, and Simon replied, “When someone does well, the others are bound to be unhappy.”

Carly Smithson sang “Crazy On You.” Randy Jackson said, “I think by the middle of the song you got it together.” Paula Abdul said, “You are an amazing singer, and you did an amazing job.” Simon Cowell said, “I thought it was a much better performance than last week.”

Syesha Mercado sang “Me And Mr. Jones.” Randy Jackson said, “That wasn’t what you’ve got, it was just a little taste of what you’ve got.” Paula Abdul said, “I liked the interpretation of what you did.” Simon Cowell said, “I thought it was bit indulgent.”

Brooke White sang “You’re So Vain.” Randy Jackson said, “It was a great song choice for you.” Paula Abdul said, “I feel like this was the perfect song choice for you.” Simon Cowell said, “Brooke, I absolutely loved it.”

Ramiele Malubay sang “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” Randy Jackson said, “You can really sing, but the song choice for me is weird.” Paula Abdul said, “I feel like you didn’t get to perform your magic.” Simon Cowell said, “This is one of those performances that I’m not going to remember so well.”

Kristy Lee Cook sang “You’re No Good.” Randy Jackson said, “That’s a 100% improvement over last week.” Paula Abdul said, “It was a good song choice for you.” Simon Cowell said, “It was a huge improvement.”

Amanda Overmyer sang “Carry On My Wayward Son.” Randy Jackson said, “For me, man, it wasn’t the right song choice for you.” Paula Abdul said, “This was not the right song for you.” Simon Cowell said, “None of it felt natural or real. It was like you’re in your own little world with actually quite an ugly song, and I couldn’t wait for it to finish.”

Alaina Whitaker sang “Hopelessly Devoted To You.” Randy Jackson said, “The verses were really pitchy.” Paula Abdul said, “I think you did a real good job, Alaina.” Simon Cowell said, “My problem is that it’s almost as if your grandmother prepared you for this audition.”

Alexandrea Lushington sang “If You Leave Me Now.” Randy Jackson said, “It was such a safe, kind of boring choice to me.” Paula Abdul said, “I’ve been impressed with you since day, because I’ve always said you’re relevant, and you’re important in this competition.” Simon Cowell said, “I think you’re struggling right now.”

Kady Malloy sang “Magic Man.” Randy Jackson said, “You never settled onto the note. It just didn’t work.” Paula Abdul said, “On the low notes, you lost it a little bit.” Simon Cowell said, “I just don’t think it went anywhere.”

Asia’h Epperson sang “All By Myself.” Randy Jackson said, “You did a really good job with it I thought.” Paula Abdul said, “It was great.” Simon Cowell said, “It is one of the diva songs of all time, and you have got to be one heck of a singer to pull that off, and unfortunately you’re not.”

Overall, the top ten girls gave performances that were a let down from last week. Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White were the only two girlsthat significantly improved from last week. Brooke White was by far the star of the night. Carly Smithson and Asia’h Epperson likely did well enough to insure their safety. Any of the other six are likely at risk for elimination.

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