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BB9: Alex/Amanda Evicted, New HOH Named

February 27, 2008 10:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-alex-cast-photo-resized.jpgIt was eviction night on Big Brother with allies Alex and Matt both facing elimination with their partners. Last episode, the veto was not used on either team. Matt was campaigning for his team asking Adam to not vote to evict them. But then Allison realized that Matt/Natalie are really tough competition. So she went into the Heads of Household bedroom where a lot of people were hanging out telling them exactly what she thought. Adam told everybody else he was keeping Matt, but then James, the creator of Operation Condor, said he was willing to put that plan on hold for Operation BroDown — a new scheme to get rid of Matt. Once again, the BB pawns seem to be the ones in danger.Amanda said that since the medical emergencies with she and Allison, everybody got along much better. But despite the love fest, eviction loomed just moments later with one team about to have their BB game cut to an end.

For the first time, the outside lives of James and Chelsia were looked at by friends. We didn’t learn much. James was said to be inspiring because of his bicycle ride around the world. Chelsia’s friend said that she thinks that the unlikely couple could win the whole game. In his private interview in the HOH room with his partner, host Julie Chen asked what it was like for James to be in a house with a bunch of people when he’s used to being alone during his bicycling adventures. He said that he doesn’t like most of the people he’s competing against because they are materialistic and only there for the money. If he wins, he said he will use the prize money to inspire others to bike around the world just as he is doing.

bb9-amanda-cast-photo-resized.jpgNext, each nominated team was given the opportunity to address the house, pleading their case to stay. Amanda asked for the house to give her another chance, especially since Alex had not made any mistakes yet in the game. On the other team, Natalie/Matt said that they loved everybody else in the house and that they hoped they could stay. Then each voting couple was selected to go into the Diary Room to cast their vote to evict live. Chen said that if each person in a couple couldn’t agree on the team to be ousted, that they, themselves would be gone. In the first live vote, it was unanimous — everybody wanted Alex/Amanda gone from the house. When they were evicted, Amanda was immediately brought to tears, but Alex looked like he had been expecting that result all along. Chen asked Alex about his decision to not campaign for votes to stay in the house to which he said the eviction was partially his fault. Amanda, however, spent most of the week trying to convince the other houseguests to keep her team in the game.

With Operation Condor a success (eliminating every person pictured from the top of the Memory Wall), the remaining teams went outside for their next HOH competition. The only team not eligible to win — the outgoing power couple — James/Chelsia. The competition, called Words Of Love, centered around the love quotes all over the BB house. Chen asked questions about those quotes. Played in two rounds (women first), each time a player answered a question correctly, they chose to eliminate another person from the match. Sharon dominated, winning the first round followed by Joshuah’s success in round two. In a short contest, Joshuah and Sharon easily won getting every answer correct.

The two couldn’t have been happier after being crowned with the power. Sharon revealed that they had decided some time ago to study the quotes on the wall and that definitely paid off. Moments before the credits rolled, Chen teased viewers when she revealed that next week’s evicted houseguests will get a surprise that will start a new chapter in this season of BB.

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