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Project Runway; Chris vs. Rami for Final Bryant Park Spot

February 27, 2008 10:07 PM by DA Southern

Rami vs Chris on Project Runway

It has all come down to this as we prepare for the final Project Runway show to determine the winner of Season 4 next week. After a relatively mild chat session with all of the eliminated designers last week in the special reunion show, and some careful editing, we were unsure between Chris and Rami as to who would grab the final spot for the Bryant Park fashion show. While many of the designers favored Rami’s designs, we are not sure if we would get to actually see him in the finals, until tonight.

When we last left our heroes, Heidi had informed them that they would both go off and design as if they were doing the show and one of them would then be “een” and the other one “auwt”.

Heidi greeted the designers and informed them that they would each be presenting a collection of twelve looks for Fashion Week with a budget of eight thousand dollars and a total of five months to put it all together. Tim Gunn then walked out onto the runway to tell the designers that he would be checking on them over the next several months, and that they would be showing to the most influential people in the industry. In other words,no pressure. Heidi then said they would all have a final toast at the apartment before sending them on their way.

Tim wasted no time in visiting the designers, at least from our vantage point, but there was only six weeks before the show. Since Christian lived in New York, he was first on the Gunn hit list. Tim was amazed that Christian was making it work so well in the cramped space he lived in. We had a glimpse into the personal side of Christian and found that he actually started as a hair stylist because people didn’t judge as much in that industry and Christian was able to be more himself. Christian then said that he went to London to study fashion for three years, where he really learned his craft. He explained to Tim that his theme was “Romantic Gothic” and that every piece was an individual look on its own. After looking at his collection Tim told Christian to ask himself “When do I not need something?” which Christian completely blew off as he continued on.

Tim’s next stop was to see Jillian, who was also in New York doing her designs as well. Jillian explained that she did not go back to her job as her design collection was all consuming. Tim seemed really impressed as to the detail of Jillian’s designs as she explained that she was inspired by the last challenge in the Art Museum and wanted to continue on in that vein. Tim was worried about her color palette and said that it looked very “cloudy day” and that she needed to rethink that aspect of her collection. Jillian agreed and took Tim to visit her family and they all had a nice dinner. Jillian had more confidence than we had ever seen and even Tim recognized that in her.

Tim then jetted across the country to LA to check in on Rami and to see the progress of his collection. Tim met Rami’s family and Rami told Tim that his family was very supportive. He went on to explain that he got his fashion sense from his mother who was a pageant winner in Jordan; in fact she was Miss Jordan. Rami said that his mother had passed away when he was five, but that he always carried that image of her with him as he designed. Rami then took Tim to his studio and Tim was very impressed with his space. Rami too seemed to be inspired by the Art Museum challenge and had a lot of Joan of Arc pictures to inspire him. Tim was very worried about the lack of softness in his collection and Rami seemed to take it all in.

Tim’s final visit was with funnyman Chris as he jetted back to New York City for the final visit. Chris had a much better space than poor Christian, but still not as nice as Jillian’s apartment. Chris was concerned that his costume designer self would be all too evident as Tim began to peruse the collection. Chris seemed to make the transition from costume designer seamlessly, but could not help himself with an actual design made of human hair. Tim was concerned about the hair aspect of all of the designs and Chris listened intently but seemed intent on having the hair a vital part of the designs. Chris then took Tim over to meet several of his creative friends who all seemed exactly like Chris. Chris shared about his costume design career and how he has begun to transfer his skills as a full-time designer and hoped to have a spot in the show to prove himself.

5 days to the Fashion Show and the designers were arriving back at the apartment to get ready for the final elimination, at least for Chris and Rami. As the final four got reacquainted, we could see that the four genuinely liked each other, unlike season’s past, but you could see in Rami’s face that he had a lot of trepidation about possibly being eliminated before he really had a chance to shine.

Rami and Chris took each of their three strongest looks for the judges from their collections. Tim then greeted the designers and told Rami and Chris to get ready for their final show before the judges. It was a shame to have these two guys do twelve looks each and one would not be going on. Christian was a little shocked as to the hair aspect of Chris’s designs and Jillian seemed to love Rami’s designs.

Tim came in like the grim reaper to lead the two to their final elimination and all of the designers marched to see the final fashion-off. Heidi came out looking incredible and greeted Rami and Chris and then introduced judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Rami’s models were out first and were very elegant in his designs. Chris’s collection was stylish but I was unsure if the judges could get past the hair element.

The scoring was quick, at least to us, and Heidi invited the models out so the judges could evaluate their efforts and seek the inspiration behind the designs from the two men. The judges first went to Chris’s designs and seemed to appreciate his creativity but were concerned that the fitting may have been too extreme. Heidi then asked Rami about his design inspiration and Rami told them that he took their suggestions to heart, which Nina seemed to appreciate, and was inspired by much of the art creations from the past.

Heidi met with Kors and Garcia to discuss the two men’s designs. They really seemed to lean towards the designs of Rami a bit more strongly than Chris; however, we were not sure by the conversations who they had chosen to go forward.

Heidi then said that both men had given them very beautiful designs but, in the end, Rami was chosen to go forward leaving Chris “auwt” once and for all.

Next week we will have the final showing at Bryant Park as Chris left us with his traditional belly laugh, and we got to see glimpses of the designers unraveling as the big show drew near.

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  1. Bruce Profaizer Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    My wife is a big fan of the show. She loves fashion and this show is really inspiring to her.


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