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Celebrity Apprentice: “That Tito is a Special Person”

February 28, 2008 09:38 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Tito-Celebrity-Apprentice-Courtesy-NBC“‘Sleepy Boy’ is back!” Lennox announces as he and Piers join the other contestants in the war room after Marilu’s elimination. Lennox doesn’t understand why he was called into the boardroom in the first place, believing that Piers and Marilu exaggerated his “sleepiness” in order to save their own hides. But Piers won’t cave to Tito’s and Stephen’s pressure to apologize to Lennox, because he believes that Lennox does skate by in the competition.

Next thing we know it’s sunrise and Stephen greets the morning by calling his mother to present his $20,000 winnings for her charity, The Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Donald (pink tie) gathers the teams in the lobby of Hearst Tower in New York City to present them with their next task, which will be to create a four-page Redbook photo advertorial to sell Dial Nourishing Yogurt Body Wash. The winner of the task will receive $20,000 for the charity of their choice.

Tito throws his hat in for the Project Manager job for Empresario, and Carol, who’s been on the cover of Redbook five times, grabs the PM job for Hydra, despite The Donald’s warnings that she shouldn’t spread herself so thin.

The teams meet with the Dial and Redbook execs and right away it’s obvious that Piers has put on a new game face. This is the kinder, gentler Piers we’re still getting used to. He’s no longer bowling people over or slinging insults. Even Lennox notices that Piers is being unusually easy to get along with.

Piers pushes Carol to be their model for this task, even though Carol worries long and loud that she shouldn’t try to do too much – knowing that, because of The Donald’s warnings, if Hydra should lose, she’ll be on the first train out of Trump Tower. But Piers is insistent and Carol eventually goes with it. “This is my world and this is what I’ve done. I can’t pass the buck,” she says.

Meanwhile, Empresario is joking with the Redbook execs about the fact that they’ve run “that ugly Tim McGraw” (Trace’s words, not mine) on the cover, but have never had Trace. Empresario takes the idea and runs with it – centering their advertorial around a desert/country theme, with a bare-chested Trace front and center. “Trace is going to be a supermodel before this is all over, God bless him,” Stephen jokes. But in the end, Stephen believes that the photo of Trace is too edgy and kills the picture from the spread, much to Omarosa’s chagrin. Trace isn’t too upset about his supermodel career ending so abruptly. “I pretty much look like a cadaver right now,” he complains.

The teams face the Dial execs, the Redbook execs, and The Donald (still a pink tie) to unveil their ads. First up is Hydra, with smooth-talking Piers as their front man. Hydra’s advertorial revolves around all the “big moments” in a woman’s life, and carries the slogan, “Good for me, great for my skin.” With a sidebar of yogurt facts, a gorgeous bathtub shot, and a sexy bedroom shot (is Carol being bitten by the male model?!), the ad is going to be tough to beat.

Empresario takes the stage next, and poor Tito struggles with his presentation. Their slogan is, “Naturally beautiful skin has no boundaries” and the spread features a bathtub beauty being serenaded by (fully-clothed) Trace.

With the pitches over, the teams greet The Donald in the boardroom. The Donald gives Tito trouble over how nervous he looked during the pitch and then calls Hydra on the carpet for the too-edgy bite shot. Carol boldly pronounces, “I would rather be fired for standing up to a challenge than for running away from it,” (you go, girl!) which actually makes The Donald happy.

He gives each team the other team’s advertorial. Piers calls Empresario’s spread “boring,” and “amateurish.” Omarosa says Hydra’s bedroom shot is “a bit edgy.” There’s a brief back-and-forth between Stephen and Piers as Piers complains that the writing is all too tiny on Empresario’s ad (“Put on your specs, mate!” Stephen hollers over and over again). The Donald cuts it short, however, and pronounces Hydra the winner of the task (Carol will take $20,000 to her charity, the Tony Alt Memorial Foundation). The team leaves to celebrate, Piers boasting that the Carol/Lennox/Piers Hydra is a “dream team.”

Under the spotlight, Tito complains that he was pushed into the project manager position by Omarosa. But Trace sticks up for Omarosa because she worked the hardest of everyone on the team. There’s some question as to whether Stephen’s neck should be on the line because he basically ran the team. But in the end, The Donald laid it all at the project manager’s feet.

“Tito, you’re fired. But I will tell you you’re really special.” The Donald then gives Tito $50,000 of his own money to donate to Tito’s charity, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. “That Tito is a special person,” he says to Ivanka after Tito leaves.

In the cab, Tito is happy that he was able to get some money for St. Jude’s, because that’s what this game is all about. He feels a little bit bad about not trying harder, but is happy that he “met great people,” and thought it was “nice to work with Donald Trump.” He reminds viewers to watch for him in the octagon, where he’ll “kick some ass!”

Next on Celebrity Apprentice:Omarosa accuses Piers of being gay in yet another ugly Piersarosa showdown.

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Photo Courtesy: NBC

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