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Make Me A Supermodel: Speeding Up

February 28, 2008 10:10 PM by Lisa Stauber

Bravo TVTyson Beckford gets right down to business this week on Make Me A Supermodel, sending Jackie home. Ben and Perry are safe, and that leaves only two girls left in the loft. Shannon and Holly are some of the strongest contenders, though, so watch out boys!

A note lets the models know to be ready for a winter weekend bright and early the next day. The contestants head out to Wyndham Resort for some snowy fun. First, though, they must get through the photo shoot. In a twist, the person who doesn’t shine will not be staying at the lodge, but will be sent home to the loft.

As Niki Taylor begins to explain the week’s theme – Speed and Motion – Shannon suddenly collapses. She’s hauled away by a paramedic on a snowmobile while Niki helpfully tells her to throw up.

Photographer Dennis Golonka wastes no time in letting the models in on their photo assignment – Snow Motion. The models are partnered up and given playful props.

Perry and Ronnie make a pair and are told to act like friends, but Perry is way out of his element. Raised in Phoenix, he doesn’t have a chance on the short skis he’s given. He splits his pants before a single frame is snapped. After an eternity of falling down the hill, Dennis has his shot.

Next up are Holly and Ben. They’re given a sled to stand on, and take some great shots. Dennis hands them a glass of champagne, and Holly doesn’t spill a drop. “Holly executed it flawlessly form the beginning,” Dennis says.

Shannon makes a comeback after being released from the infirmary and takes her place with Frankie and Casey. They’re told to run and slide at the camera, modeling a playful, friendly look. Poor Shannon is having a bad day, as she immediately splits open her knee. After washing the blood away, Dennis finally gets a great shot of the trio. “Shannon was beautiful in every shot,” he says, but feels quite differently about the guys. “Casey was dead in the eyes.” Ultimately, though, the photographer singles out Frankie as the worst of the bunch and sends him back to the city.

Frankie doesn’t miss much, however, as trainer Clay Burwell makes an appearance bright and early to put the models through their paces. He announces a contest, and losers have to clean the loft. Ben and the girls team up against Perry, Casey and Ronnie.

Ben’s competitive side comes out, and he starts trash talking. He even sabotages the other team’s snow tower. “I think he did cross the line,” Holly says.

Ronnie’s hurt. “Ben, you’re supposed to be my friend and now you’re making these derogatory comments about me?” Later, Ronnie and Casey confront him. “You took me to a really dark place,” Ronnie says. Ben’s apologetic, and the buddies hug and make up. My, my, all these guys sure do have a sensitive side!

Holly, Shannon and Ben are stuck cleaning the loft and it couldn’t come at a better time. “I forgot how disgusting our house was,” Holly says.

Shannon’s sick again, throwing up all night. She earns a trip to the hospital, just before the catwalk assignment. Could one of the models be eliminated due to a stomach bug?

Niki gives the contestants some instructions on how the pros handle themselves. “A model must be perfect, in all walks, at all speeds.” She’s got a surprise for the contestants. The catwalk will be a turntable, and the models must spin and pose three different ways. This week’s designer is Ben Sherman, known for his sleek, mod designs.

Shannon ditches the hospital to walk the runway, but has to go back afterward. Nobody seems to know what’s wrong, but she pulls off a great walk, and doesn’t throw up on the spinning platform.

Now that there are just seven models, the judges dispense with the compliments. They give Perry a pass, and then simply declare Holly the winner. Ronnie is safe as well.

“Shannon, we admire your perseverance and dedication,” Tyson says, “but any little thing can land you in the bottom three.” Ben is called mediocre, and Frankie is told his walk “sucked” by Cory Bautista. After some discussion, Shannon is safe and it’s an all male lineup for the vote. It’s our turn to choose Ben, Casey or Frankie – who do you think can be made into a supermodel? Go to www.bravotv.com and vote now!

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Photo courtesy Bravo TV

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