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Survivor: Micronesia — Writer Mikey B. Erased From Game

February 28, 2008 07:39 PM by Ryan Haidet

mikey-b-survivor2.jpgThe Malakal (favorites) tribe spent the day after the most heated Tribal Council yet this season, battling about last night’s vote. Cirie was upset with Ami that she had voted for her and then Jonathan got involved spurring another eruption between the two. That makes one wonder, why don’t they form the most unlikely alliance in the game? James and Ozzy were upset with their decision to take out Yau-Man instead of Eliza because of her weakness caused by an illness. James said that he’s all about keeping the strongest people and he was aggravated they listened to Cirie. Then around the fire, James was letting everybody know how he felt â⬔ Eliza too. She started standing her ground to kick off the best episode to date in this 16th season.

At Airai (fans), most of the group were expressing their concerns about Chet being worthless. Natalie, Jason and Mikey B. were all upset with him saying that he was essentially dead weight at challenges.

At the reward challenge, host Jeff Probst told the competitors that one at a time, they were to swim out to a 30-foot underwater cage that held 10 coconuts for each team. The task was simple â⬔ push all 10 of the coconuts to the end of the cage, taking them to a bin. Once all 10 were in the bin, they would take it to shore where the four remaining contestants would take those coconuts with letters on them to unscramble a word. Swim king Ozzy took his time on his first trip out moving multiple lettered coconuts to the end of the cage instead of just one like fan Jason did. Although this strategy gave the fans an early lead, it wasn’t long before Ozzy’s plan got Malakal a full bin. As the word was going to be unscrambled, James said he thought it could be the word triumphant. He was right and they claimed victory winning three egg-laying hens and one rooster.

As is custom, the winners picked one loser to go to Exile Island and yet again, Kathy was chosen. Then they sent their own, Ozzy, to the tiny-island’s shores. She was happy to be meeting all of the previous players (her third different one at Exile Island), but she was growing distasteful of the place. She was spent and didn’t care about the hidden immunity idol hidden there, so she decided she was not going to be looking for it any longer. Ozzy told her he was going to search for some food while she made a fire, but he went looking for the prize instead. It didn’t seem like it took him long, but Ozzy found the idol. Then, as he said he had learned from Fiji favorite and the most recent ouster, Yau-Man, he was going to carve a fake idol. He did just that, wrapped it up in a cloth and hid it in the exact spot he found the real one hoping that somebody would eventually find it and try to play it. Back at camp, Airai had downed spirits because they have lost every reward challenge. This made them realize, that since Kathy went to Exile with Ozzy that she would likely be eating better than they would because of his strengths at survival â⬔ this didn’t seem to be the case since he was so focused on finding the idol instead of eating.

Day 11 arrived with Eliza and Parvati walking along discussing strategy and eventually Jonathan overheard them talk about voting him off. It started with Eliza concerned for herself and she promised Parvati that she would be truthful to her till the end of the game, and that’s something she felt Jonathan couldn’t promise her. She was turning on her original alliance and was ready to vote out Jonathan. The timing couldn’t have been better because as he became the target in their talks, he appeared right behind them.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes were reunited with their exiled players and then Probst described what they had to do to win the challenge. Similar to challenge seen in Fiji’s season, six players were connected within a sliding contraption, maneuvering their way along the woods while collecting necklaces throughout the course. But first, they had to unlock themselves to free up the harness. Malakal was first out of the locks and made a big lead out on the course. The fans weren’t having much success with their harness and the favorites had all six necklaces before the fans had one. Eliza and Cirie took the necklaces and matched them up in a confusing, circular puzzle trying to figure out the winning phrase, “Tribe stays intact.” Malakal took another victory meaning that everybody was safe at their camp. The same couldn’t be said for Airai.

After the challenge, Airai was faced with knocking one of their own out of the game. Mikey B. was still upset with Joel for backstabbing him the last time they went to Tribal Council. Mikey B.’s plan was to befriend Joel making him think that he is forgiven to only turn on him and betray him right back. Tracy was trying to hold together her three-way alliance with Kathy and Chet. It appeared that Chet was ready to quit because he was tired. He said his body was out of the game, but his mind was in it. Some fan he is. Tracy asked Joel who was going home and he said they were voting for Kathy and Chet. Tracy campaigned hard when she called Joel out for following Mikey B.’s decision to oust one of them and she promised they would vote for Mikey and she wanted him to do so, too. Joel sounded convinced, but Chet didn’t.

Their second trip to Tribal Council arrived with Chet owning up that he hasn’t been performing all that well in challenges. Mikey B. then said that Chet’s exhaustion made it tough for him to compete. But then, again, Tracy said that each time when Kathy, herself or Chet weren’t competing, their tribe still lost. Right before the vote, Jason pled his case to his tribemates saying they need to consider taking out the weakest person to keep their tribe strong. He was the first to vote and said, “Please leave the island” after he cast his ballot for Chet. Probst revealed the votes and Mikey B. was written out of the game in a 6-3 vote. Tracy’s strategy paid off.

After he was eliminated, Michael Bartone, an aspiring actor/writer from Los Angeles said, “Am I surprised it’s me? No because I’m playing with a bunch of weak players who listened to Joel. Don’t trust Joel, he’s going to stab you in the back. It was obvious who needed to go. I wish I was in the game longer. I guess I came out too strong. I was never lazy, I always did what I could to help the tribe, so yeah, they’re going to miss me. No doubt.”

With two gone from each tribe, next week’s episode promises a tribal swap and Jonathan getting a visit from the medical team.

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